(Not so) First Entry

OMG! I lost my first entry!!!

Somewhere out of ignorance, I lost my first entry. Pushed the wrong button probably.

So I have to do it again…

Hi! My friends from way back in High School to today call me Punzi. I’m a practicing lawyer from the Philippines. When I tried to create this, I found out that that username “attypunzi” was already taken. So there must be another punzi who is lawyer out there. Whoever he(or she) is that is not me!!!! I’ll try to look for him(or her) after I finish this.

As I am new here this blog will just contain random thoughts without focussing much on any particular subject. Slowly, I will reveal myself through these pages.

So to whoever wants to read this, please bear with me.

Thank you very much for your patience…


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