ED the TV series

Have you ever watched ED?

For those who do not know, this is a TV series about a former high-calibre Manhattan lawyer who experienced on ^&*!#$@ of a bad day.

He lost his job in the morning because one misplaced comma cost his firm a bazzillion dollars? (How much do you think that is in Philippine pesos, given our &*@#*^ exchange rate?)

Apparently that was not enough. Since he was fired, he went home unusually early. What did he discover? His wife doing the horizontal dance with a mailman she met at Starbucks…

So he gets divorced and comes home… to Stuckeyville, his hometown where he practices law and runs a bowling alley. The premise is quite wacky but the series is good.

Enough of that, discover it on your own at http://www.stuckeyville.com

The show has ended in the States but is still running in Asia, specifically here in the Philippines.

Why do I like it so much (even though I don’t get watch it often)?

Story of my life… that’s why! But man! That Rena Sofer’s (that played the character Bonnie Hane) a real looker! She can prosecute me and lock me in her jail cell anytime…

More on this later…



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2 responses to “ED the TV series

  1. I know this show though it seems that I’m not always around when it’s on. Is it THAT funny? I want to catch it sometime, along with The Office and The Kumars at No.42.

  2. I know. But I watch it as ofter as I can.

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