My kids and the greatest of experiments

One of my friends, Gian (known to this world as “Hashpipe”) got me to thinking this blog up.

Time to reveal a little bit of what I’m going through right now. And this is where the show “ED” comes in.

I am, or we are, or my wife and I are undergoing a somewhat messy separation/custody battle right now. Messy in the building up to the actual separation itself. But now, everything is quiet.

It appears that we acted like WWE wrestlers leading up to the separation. All the trash talk, all the BS leading up the the main event which eventually fizzled out. Guess who retained his title belt?

Everthing went according to MY plan. I retained the belt, the prize– my two kids. Everything else, the appliances, the other stuff, are all secondary.

For my wife, she ran a failed experiment. “What if I mess with my husband and try to cheat him for everything he’s got?” she asked.

She got an answer and a lesson: NEVER MESS WITH A LAWYER!!!!

Right now, she she’s back to where she started six years ago. From the proverbial mattress, she got demoted to the dungeon floor, with cases breeding down her neck.

For me, I ran a neutral experiment. “What if I enter into a marriage where only one party is prepared and/or capable?” You get mixed results. Some parts you regret, like all the hurt. Some parts you cherish, like beautfil kids like the ones I have now. Over-all, I got neutral results because, I think, the prepared/capable party and the one who is not cancelled each other out.

For my kids? The greatest of experiments is just unfolding:

Objective :

To find out how two children, a six year old girl and a year old boy would fare in life with a disadvantage (having only one parent)

Hypothesis :

They would fare well (depending on the materials used)

Materials :

One (1) unit devoted father
Several units of equally supportive and loving extended family
Several units of equally capable and supportive friends
Countless units of love and attention
One (1) unit overriding faith in God and that all will be well in the end

Procedure :

Mix them up and observe results.

Result :

Yet to be determined.



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2 responses to “My kids and the greatest of experiments

  1. Oh my! I’m actually speechless! Sorry to hear what happened!

    I only have a minute here so I would try to check back later and post something with more sense. Late na ako sa Greenbelt chapel for a midi recording!

    Hang in there, Torney Punz!

  2. Anonymous

    take heart, i’m sure the kids will pull through.

    i don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but society in general nowadays is so used to the fact of a “broken” family, that i’m sure that there will be no serious penalty during their formative years.

    my sister and i too are part of the “statistic” since our parents are separated, but that never messed us up in any way. just be truthful to your children and they’ll grow up quicker than the rest and you’ll not have to worry about any complications of being a single parent.


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