Reports of our despair are gravely exaggerated

As the title of this blog suggests…

Ever since my last blog I have received encouraging comments and text messages. I wish to thank you all. Apparently I have caring and concerned friends, which is always a good thing.

As I have explained to another friend who read this blog, we are not in pieces. My family is still intact (with one significant part detached, of course.)

Fear is the only thing that is gripping me regarding the future of my family and I. On the one hand, I have the support of family and friends (thank you… thank you… thank you… can’t thank y’all enough…). At another time, I would blog our story worthy of a Hollywood film. Has all the elements of such. There’s action, drama, suspense and yes, even musical numbers. At a later time.

On the other hand, you have to admit that I DO fear for the future of my kids. Aside from the “ordinary” fears I already have going into the breakup, there’s the “extra ordinary” pressures (can even call them “disabilities”) we have to face. While society has thrived nowadays with a “broken” families, it is unusual today that, and I have noticed this recently, the women now are growing increasingly at fault, such as in my case. (Of course my soon to be ex-wife will dispute this to the bitter end.)
A lot of kids from separated families have their FATHERS separated from the children. In our case, though (and incidents are on the rise), the MOTHER is the one separated from the kids. Kids usually have their mothers around and not the fathers. This is the novelty. Our case is different, hence my fear.
Trrrembling in fear? OF COURSE! But not in despair. For in my heart I know it could have been worse and their situation now is much better (a redundancy of course) than we were still living together.
Perhaps the pictures set it off. For that, I apologize to my kids and shall promptly delete them now. They portrayed our present situation unfairly (if there is such a word) and inaccurately. I will replace them later with happier looking ones, without the captions.
Anyway, I like to thank my friends who cared. Don’t worry, I’m sure they will be fine. I’ll see to it that they will be.


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2 responses to “Reports of our despair are gravely exaggerated

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of fatherhood. I also know for a FACT that you guys will be fine.

    And you have very beautiful kids! Isali sa susunod na Star Circle Kids Quest! Haha!


  2. Anonymous

    Hey Atty Punzi… you reminded me of my classmate in Laguna. Anyway, the pressure of single father is on you… but you are one of the few men who take responsibility seriously. If there’s any consolation… your specie is scarce. After reading most of your blogs… I hope you take up this challenge as a gift and a lesson that love is not all physical. I do hope your journey will lead you to that peaceful life ahead….

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