30 Minute Blog

I’ve noticed that one can get lost in this blogging thing which is really good if you have time to spare and unlimited internet access…

But not this week! All of a sudden I was swamped with work so I will attempt this 30-minute blog. (Actually, I only have 15 minutes…)

Here goes…

Christmas is upon us, as you all know. In a lot of ways we will have a better one this year. Sure, we’re motherless now but we were motherless last year.

Last year’s experience (which I may or may not detail at a later blog) caused me to develop a legal theory called “Virtual abandonment.” I will probably write a legal paper on this sooner or later but I want it blogged now so I’ll have a first crack at it.

Anyway, in a nutshell, virtual abandonment means that although a spouse or a parent is still physically present in a family, indifference or some other pathological reason makes him or her virtually or practically absent. Or put it in another way, one may be physically present in the house but by actions, attitude or the lack thereof results in virtual absence. It is as if one has “virtually abandoned” one’s duties and responsiblities as a spouse and parent.

For example, and this is from a personal experience, although a wife is still physically present and still living with the family, if such presence is no more than that of a “border” or a “bedspacer” there is “virtual abandonment.”

Why the significance? Here in my country, that could be grounds for a host of remedies such as legal separation or even a declaration of nulity by virtue of psychological incapacity.

Anyway, I just wanted this put out for now and I will later develop it. I even have a test case now pending in court to test this theory… my own.

That’s all for now. 30-mintue blog… right?


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  1. Happy belated birthday!!! 🙂

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