The Travails of a Single Parent

Ahh… being a single parent. Or a single father to be exact…

Very different from your typical single mom/mother story. So to summarize this kind of life, allow me to present my very own “Top 10 best things about being a single dad,” with apologies to David Letterman. Here goes…

10. You get to go around getting sympathy from women because your kids look like they need a mother…Wait a minute! Haven’t I just gotten out from that situation?

9. Falling asleep @ 6:00 a.m. with one kid… then waking up @6:01 a.m. with the other…

8. Daughter in and out of the bathroom quicker. Men’s bathrooms don’t have lines in cubicles!

7. Absolute power to discipline your kids… Until reversed by the grandmother supreme court!

6. The wonders of doing hair…from a dad sporting a crew-cut half his life!

5. No need for alimony!

4. Being treated like an adult and a kid all in the same house…

3. Seeking companionship from your gadgets…

2. The wonders of liniments and self-massaging…

1. Kissing another male (kid) without fear of judgment or prosecution.


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