I just isolated the problem with my old Pentium II-350 yesterday. Apparently, one memory bank was having problems so it hangs everytime I tried to use it. All the while, I though the problem was the OS.
The solution was to try to increase the memory in the two remaining banks. So from the former 128-64-64MB, for 256 RAM, the plan was to purchase another 128 so I can get the same amount of memory, while bypassing the defective bank.
When I got to my old, reliable computer store, they told me they had a 256MB available! So it got me thinking…and tt proved to be a very good decision (so rewarding if you think first…hehehe!). Improved two computers for the price of a single memory card.
So I purchased the 256MB and put it in my Duron 850. This computer had a 128-128-128MB configuration. Now it has a 256-128-128MB for a whopping 512MB! Then I put the excess 128MB on the Pentium II.
Bothered by the two “wasted” 64MB memory, I attempted to put one of them in the defective bank. Guess what? IT WORKED!
So now, my Duron 850 had 512MB (from 384MB) and my Pentium II now has 320 (from a defective 256MB). I can feel the difference in these two machines already! And for such a low price…

Until the next blog…



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2 responses to “Gadgetflash!

  1. gadget boy strikes again! hope you won’t mind if i put you on my link list.

  2. Of course I won’t mind.

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