My other life…

Don’t get me wrong, even with all the adversary my kids and I are experiencing, I have no regrets about how I have lived by life so far. Meaning, if I have to live my life all over again, knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t change a thing… yada yada yada…

Do you know why?

My hobbies keep me alive. They’re extremely diverse.

1. Magazine Collecting

The magazines, mind you, are likewise diverse. From gaming magazines like PSM and GamePro to you guessed it, gadget mags like T3 and Mph, to racy suff like FHM, Maxim and Stuff. Call me a magazine freak as well because my collection is nearing an entire law school career’s worth of reading materials. For those who went to law school, you know how much is that.

2. Music

I play the piano and the flute. Since my work/play space (I have a picture of it in my Friendster account… uuuuuuyyyyyy!) includes a synthesizer that I don’t play just for fun, I have collected a lot of MIDI files of various genres from pop to rock, new age to musicals, to classical. And I do make occassional recordings.

The good thing about my set up is I can literally play the piano and the flute at the same time…

3. Choir

Where would I be now without a church choir? Let’s see…

If I was not in a choir during law school, I might have ended up in an insane asylum…or flipping burgers at some fast food joint…

If I was not in a choir during the recent turbulent times a few years ago, I might have ended up in prison for murder and/or kidnapping…

If I was not in three choirs now, I may end up with a bullet in my head.

4. My gadgets

The list below needs no additional elucidation. And the reputation I have been getting from THAT LIST is growing into epic proportions…

Well that’s all for now. Tired of working all day staring at the computer screen.


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  1. Anonymous

    ’twas nice reading your corner,keep up the positive outlook,you need that to live in another world than PI.

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