A multiple loss…

Well our supposed “best hope” Manny Pacquiao lost by unanimous decision to Erik Morales. I was planning to watch the fight “via satellite” on cable but it became clear to me that “via sattelite” does not equal “live” because I listened to a blow by blow account on a.m. radio when I was going home from running errands.

The radio reporter said they were in the 4th round when the TV coverage was still showing the undercards. So I just opted for the live audio.

Reports also revealed that there were a lot of Filipino politicians who went to the Sin City to watch the fight live. It was soooo easy for them to go there, since they did not spend a single penny of their money. This disgusts me more than Manny’s loss.

When Manny lost, I was so pissed-off that I chose not to watch the fight and instead watched Star Trek: Nemesis on HBO and then American Chopper on Discovery. And now as I blog, the events of today reveal losses on multiple levels. Consider the following:

1. The one that bought broadcast rights lost to the radio stations armed with nothing more than a reporter who bought a ticket to the MGM Grand with a post-paid cellular phone.

2. Manny Pacquiao lost to Erik Morales and all that conditioning and training was overcome by nothing more than an “accidental” headbutt.

3. The Filipino people is the double loser today. Not only were they robbed of their pride, but their money as well because the scum-of-the-earth politicians spend their money to watch the fight live and gamble the people’s money in the Sin City.

I am getting sooooo frustrated with this country… I heard New Zealand is a good place to migrate. If anyone reading this has some information on how to migrate there, please let me know. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey buddy, you are not alone. Hearing this scum of the earth going to Vegas makes me think these people are lowest level of scum in the universe. They should be exposed!!!!

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