Where the system has gone too far…

The Terri Schiavo case has been brewing for the past few years when she collapsed on 25 February 1990 allegedly due to a potassium imbalance.

As this story nears its logical conclusion, I was just thinking, the world spends a ton of money trying to implement a “humane” death penalty on convicted criminals who have committed crimes heinous enough to forfeit their lives. But at the same time, some people battle for the right to die by denying an alleged vegetative person food and water.

How come an innocent person gets to die by food and water deprivation while convicted and hardened criminals get a painless lethal injection or cynide gas in an expensive execution chamber?

How did the system get so twisted and perverted that a criminal gets a “humane” death and an innocent person gets to die like a dog?

I believe with the right to die, assuming it exists, comes the right to die humanely. I believe Terri Shiavo, at the very least, is entitled to die with dignity.

Where has this world gone to?

Some have criticized countries with death penalty like ours as barbarians. At least these countries take pains to provide a humane death even to criminals. Denying a dignified death to an innocent person is even more barbaric.

My lenten recollection…


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One response to “Where the system has gone too far…

  1. Anonymous

    I agree, mukhang pareho naman tayo for humane death, pero di ba the reason they wanted to starve her kse “technically” it wasn’t euthanasia – which is banned daw sa country.

    Ewan ko ba, basta I totally agree that they should find a better way to let her die than starve her.

    – carlo

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