The will of the people must never be silenced…

Salus Populi est Suprema Lex.
(The will of the people is the supreme law.)

The recent dismissal of FPJ’s protest sounded the death knell for the opposition’s hopes to regain power. It appears, therefore, that whatever issue or question on the present administration’s legitimacy has been put to rest. Political, economic and social stability should be the expected result.

But wait…

They forgot this latin maxim. Remember this and remember this well. Salus populi est suprema lex.

The will of the people is the supreme law. (The latin version sounds cooler, don’t you think?)

All technicalities must yield to the will of the people. This is not a question of who decides and who benefits. This is a question of truth.

And now we’ll never know…



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2 responses to “The will of the people must never be silenced…

  1. Greetings From Mars Punzi…Clearly, the opposition should further stressed their outcries so that the ‘will of the people may be heard’ and determined. Sometimes, our law are not just perfect that it takes more than just legal suits to stress and emphasized what is right or wrong in the society. More power.

  2. Thank you, Major Tom. Some would say, however (and they may make a damn good case out of it), that your recommendation would incite the people into sedition or to rebel against the government (which is a crime here). I was soooo careful not to lead to that conclusion since even us lawyers don’t like testing our penal system even for a day…

    How can I immigrate to Mars?

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