Things I want to tell new lawyers

Well the bar results are out. This is the time of the year that the Supreme Court’s website gets congested beyond belief. Good luck trying to download the list. I think you will get the complete results faster if you went to the Supreme Court personally instead of downloading it from their website.

To those who passed, congratulations. I know what you all went through to get this far and passing the bar, according to a former boss, is “better than sex.”

Some others would say, to quote a famous Carpenters song for weddings, “[You’ve] only just begun…”


The release of the 2004 bar results provides the perfect backdrop for me to blog about the things I want to tell new lawyers. There may be some similarities with my previous list on things I want to tell older lawyers. That’s because we lawyers are all the same…

1. Never rest on your laurels for you are only as good as your last draft.

2. Bar grades or ranking does not equal ability.

3. We know something you don’t. We know how to win.

4. Read Sun Tzu’s Ancient Art of War.

5. You don’t know what we’re trying to pull.

6. Your gadgets cannot save you from your stupidity.

7. Arrogance begets more arrogance. (Or “Disrespect will get you crushed.”)

8. Do exactly what your boss tells you.

9. Subject-verb agreement.

10. Your new leather briefcase gives you away. (or “We go to court only with our planners and our case files.”)


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