Royal Weeding…

Just a few short comments on the Charles Mountbatten-Camila Parker Bowles wedding:

1. My favorite joke about the event is one delivered by Jay Leno in The Tonight Show way before this wedding. He said the royal family plan to release a commemorative video of the royal wedding, including the marriage ceremony and portions of the honeymoon under the title Seabiscuit 2…

2. Again another Jay Leno joke about the event. Now that that wedding is over, the British people are now trying desperately hard NOT to imagine the royal couple having sex…

3. Now I know why Elizabeth II doesn’t want to abdicate. I think she wants to abdicate the throne directly to Prince William. She may be thinking, “WHAT? And give this country to this bozo and his horse?”

Well each country has its own problems. At least GB has a happy problem…



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2 responses to “Royal Weeding…

  1. Hahaha! I didn’t see the TV coverage on the wedding. People here in Britain are being indifferent about it. Speaking of jokes…I’ve posted this picture in my own blog. According to sources, this was the official engagement photo of the now married couple. Don’t know if you’ve seen it. Check it out anyway! Click here.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Aprillassy, this picture is just perfect.

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