On an important mission… (intermission)

Spent more than half a working day with La Vida Lawyer on an important mission–to get paid.

While on our way to our client, we discussed my previous log and how the next part should go. He suggested that I post samples of my handwriting now and my “bar handwriting.” A good idea, but unfortunately, I could not find anymore samples of my “miraculous” handwriting and could not find the means of replicating it.

But please forgive me for now for this short post. We split up at around 6:00 p.m. for separate appointments. We’re beat and I know he still has another client to meet. Poor guy. That’s because he has twice the responsibilities. But compared to his former law office, the hours he keeps now is a vacation. He has more time now for his family…precisely the reason why I went solo two years ahead of him.

By the way, we got paid. YEHEY!!!! Thank you JABEZ…


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