On a personal mission… (Intermission 2)

Today was especially tough because I had to deal with a personal case.

No matter how good the lawyer is, he should not handle his own case. Especially if it involves his children. In this regard, I always compare lawyers to barbers. Barbers never cut their own hair.

(A side joke: In a barbershop with two barbers, how do you spot the good one? He’s the one with the bad haircut…)

That is why this day was particularly a bad one. I had to deal with my soon-to-be-ex-wife today. Since I only asked my lawyer friends to appear during trial in my custody case, I had to prepare the pleadings myself.

Spent most of the morning making my pre-trial brief. That entails a summary of facts which means I had to relive my harrowing experiences with my her again. Then there was this matter of furnishing a copy to her personally since she has no lawyer and I don’t have a messenger.

I texted her where I can give her the copy. After some prayers, I decided to offer her a take-it-or-leave-it deal: Once a month visitation rights to my children. IF they want to see her. Hesitating for two seconds, she agreed.

Then I spend the rest of the day drafting the compromise agreement…

Handling a personal case is a double blow. I’m physically exhausted from the exercise because it is indeed physically taxing. The emotional strain is the second blow. Add to that my discovery that after two years apart, my wife has not changed a single bit. She even thinks she won in this deal. Stupid.

I just offered this for our peace of mind. So we can move on with our lives. Sure, she’ll always be the mother of her children. But with this deal she is put in her proper place…the sidelines. She’ll never be worthy to chart the course of my children’s lives. And I’ll see that she doesn’t.

Hence, the part two of my secret in passing the bar has to be postponed for now. Had to put this out first.



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  1. Despite the bad day, the jokes in http://www.dubaichronicles.com cheered me up. It’s about Filipino-Chinese names…read it if you like…

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