On a dangerous mission…(Intermission 3)

Well what do you know?

This is the first time this happened to me. I’m so drunk I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know how many bottles of light beer I drank in that birthday party (I never knew there was “draft San Mig Lite” until last night. So if it’s draft beer, it did not come in bottles.) They even had My Bro’s Mustache regular performers Bobby Mondejar and friends singing 70’s folk songs in this private party. I had a very good time.

Ever heard of the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” That’s exactly what I did last night. Attended the birthday party of an alleged former “enemy,” attended by even more “enemies” (friends of the “enemy”) to keep them closer. So they won’t get around to “killing” me or my friends.

Scaring you, am I? Naw, it’s just the beer talking.

Damn, that draft San Mig Lite beer tasted fantastic and I haven’t ate and drunk like than in a very long time. I don’t even remember how I got home. I think somebody drove me home. I think.

Well what do you know? I’m so drunk I’m blogging!

Well I’m probably just frustrated this week. Almost all of my “missions” were either emotionally taxing or frustrating failures. I was supposed to be in Naga to conduct a seminar on public bidding. Literally three steps from the house, however, I got a text from my organizer friend that it’s cancelled. Damn, I needed the money I could have earned from that seminar!

Before that, I was calling and texting another friend about our collections. All I got were missed calls and unanswered texts. The conclusion is obvious. There is no collection for the week. Damn, I need money for my daughter’s tuition which is fast approaching!

The only successful mission I had this week was not even for my benefit. Well, that’s not exactly true. It was not for my direct benefit.

But collection-wise, my week was a zero—nada—zilch. It was a bad week. But we’ll always have one of those weeks. That’s probably why I turned to attend an “enemy’s” birthday party because hanging around with my friends did not amount to anything. At least, I enjoyed my “enemy’s” abundant (and free) food and booze. At least that amounted to something.

With enemies like these, who needs friends? 🙂

So I’ll try to complete my handwriting secrets as soon as I recover from the hangover that is about to come…


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One response to “On a dangerous mission…(Intermission 3)

  1. Surprisingly, there was no hangover…

    That was fantastic beer…

    I’m just tired now due to lack of sleep.

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