Conclave spin

Ever since Pope John Paul II’s funeral, I’ve switched coverages from CNN to EWTN.

On the one hand, CNN just gets some crappy, hesitating translator of the ceremonies. In EWTN, it’s direct from Vatican TV with no less than Archibishop John Foley as the translator. CNN’s coverage is like surgery undertaken with blunt instruments.

Then the conclave begun in earnest yesterday.

Of course we cannot blame any news organization at this point because it’s just hungry for news. Even a mere chimney gets more attention these days than Michael Jackson.

What I don’t like, however, is the spin CNN puts into these proceedings. From the coverage, CNN has reduced the problem of the Roman Catholic Church to that of marketing. It therefore puts forth the thesis that the next Pontiff should service the need of its faithful, its market. He should be a “marketing” oriented Pope.

I find this treatment utterly demeaning and degrading.

Mind you, I don’t think the people in CNN are Catholics. The Church’s problems cannot be reduced to marketing problems and the next Pontiff should not be dictated by these perceived problems. There are problems, yes. So we must discuss it. But the Church must not yield to the pressures of the world. For one, the prevailing world view has not proven itself any better that what it seeks to replace in the Church. Just look as the Terri Schiavo case. That’s what happens when you do not factor God in a life or death decision.

I personally do not care if the Church reduced its numbers as long it has a “quality” faithful. A CNN-like perspective would translate lesser followers to lesser church revenues. That’s why I don’t like the path CNN is taking with the Church I belong to in the first place. And I know the Church will not allow this to happen in the first place.

Personally, I think the next Pope should be chosen by God and not dictated by the faithful. The Cardinals are merely there as the mounthpiece (or the hand of God). It is God, through the Cardinals who will choose the next Pope.

That’s the very reason why the conclave is a secret process. So that influence peddlers like CNN will not put any spin on it. I feel this process will lead to a “pleasant surprise.” There was no CNN in 1978 and we got a great Pope.

Well, at least im hoping and praying that this will be the case.



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