Start of something great

Of course, I have to sprinkle some personal blogs in my little corner of the internet…

Well I finished my custody case yesterday. By agreement, I now have sole legal custody of my children. And this will be backed up by a court order shortly. In theory, no more guarding Bea at school. No more “red alert” status at home.

Of course, I had to allow visits. But only visits. And in between those, she cannot even approach us within 100 meters.

This is therefore the formal beginning of the rest of our lives. Of course, my soon-to-be-ex wife will still be part of my children’s lives. But as I have said before, she is now in her proper place.

I can now watch my children dance The Choopeta and The Tsokolate in peace…

This is going to be great! Now for the annulment…to start the formal beginning of the rest of my life…

I like to thank my lawyers and my father for being there yesterday. As I have said before, I could not handle this case myself. I could not have gone through it myself.

I have to cut this blog short because I promised Bea we would watch The Spongebob Squarepants Movie today. WHOOOOOOOOOOO lives in a pineapple under the sea…Absorbent and yellow and porous is he…

Just pray for us if you can.


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One response to “Start of something great

  1. Hi Punzi,

    This is quite too personal but I am just happy that you won the case.

    Punzi, some unscrupulous person or persons have been misusing my screen name MAJOR TOM and saying nasty words. Pls. don’t believe easily. Pls read my new entry for more explanation. Thank you.

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