My flute’s giving out!

Ahh, the Armstrong 104n. My current flute that’s about to quit on me after all these years…

I started playing the flute in earnest during my college days. I started with a “no-name” chrome flute that I borrowed from my cousin. My reason to start was pretty lame. I wanted to try out for the ROTC band so I can get away with light duty.

I eventually did not try out for that marching band (since I decided to stick with the “regular” ROTC training). But my interest in the instrument developed. The instrument, however, did not have an interest in me. Could not make that darn flute play all the notes completely.

Then I attended law school…

Attending law school is like threading the edge of sanity. Unbelievable pressures. Unbelievable volume of daily reading materials. Unbelievable professors and graded recitations. Unbelievable examinations. People have to scramble for something to keep them from going insane. Then during my second year, a friend of mine bought an “el cheapo” flute just to have something else to do.

That flute taught me one thing…the reason why I could not completely play my old flute was because it was broken. It was not me, it was the flute. So since then, I borrowed this friend’s flute to play for our make-shift choir every Saturday.

This choir, mind you, kept me from being insane. Then some months after that, my parents decided to buy me a “decent” flute for my birthday. They were guilty at that time, having spent a ton of money on my sister’s wedding.

So we went to a music store and I was set to buy the same “el cheapo” brand like my friend’s. But lo and behold! There was a second-hand Armstrong 104n for the same price. Of course, that was my choice and it played perfect! (I had the old flute repaired but I donated it to the law school choir I left behind…)

With this “new” flute (that has a name only a few people know about) comes memories of more than thirteen years. Of course, I played this during law school, during bar review, during pre-week (which was funny because the lower batch was supposed to play and pray for us then). That flute kept me from going crazy through my law school and bar years… I even serenaded an ex-girlfriend with it…with positive results…(but not what you think…)

I forgot about it when I practiced law and got married. You know…marital and law practice concerns, except for the occasional weddings of relatives (and funerals…). Then, I got the chance to join a choir and started playing again. I ditched that choir when my wife and I separated. But I loved that choir as it kept me sane through my turbulent marriage.

But, I quickly found three, count ’em, three choirs to replace it.

More than month ago, however, the flute pads gave out, making some notes unplayable (in embarrassing moments, nonetheless). Having no budget to have it repaired, I just bought new pads and attempted to install them myself.

That proved to be a disaster. I somehow managed to “loose thread” (translation: break a screw) on important valve, sending it on an irreversible path to oblivion. I may have to eventually send it for repairs but I guess it’s irreparable. I can still play it, though it’s tough.

Of course I will try to have it repaired, budget permitting. But repairs take a minimum of three weeks (costing as much as half the price of a new one) and I have weekly choir commitments. A flautist without a flute is obviously useless…Hence, I have to buy a new one sooner or later. Again, budget permitting, hence the drooling found in my sideblog…

Ahh that flute…So many memories. A friend of mine once commented that it was my wife (yes you read correctly, my wife). When my human wife has come and failed me and gone, my flute was still with me. But probably for not any longer…

Oh Jeez! I better stop this blog before I get utterly depressed… But if I buy a new one, I will not sell it. Of course, I’ll have it repaired and give it to my kids, whoever wants to take it up.



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4 responses to “My flute’s giving out!

  1. i always envy people who can play a musical instrument. i guess it’s in the genes. i’ve tried learning the guitar when i was younger but just couldn’t do it. you’re such a lucky f** sob! (pardon the french) good luck with the new flute. 🙂

  2. Well not so lucky in other matters…if you know what I mean…

  3. a possible alternate title for this post: “flutangina.”

  4. Sa personal lang ako ganon kabastos… alam mo yon…

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