Something to start your week…

Here’s to a good week!

Reports say twenty-five executives from the National Power Corporation (yes, you know, that company that incurred most of our national debt) paid themselves P119M in retirement benefits, THEN REHIRED themselves so they can continue to enjoy their six-figure salaries. The details can be found here.

Fantastic! Having the Filipino people’s cake and eating it too! May you choke on it in the process, at the bare minimum.

In a country scrambling to come up with the money to pay soaring tuition fees, compounded by the collapse of two giant pre-need firms that used to pay for them, you people have no shame!



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3 responses to “Something to start your week…

  1. sobrang kaswapangan! its true to them the saying that goes “Man do have insatiable needs.”

  2. Further internet searches reveal that this has been going on for almost a year. It is only now that we have discovered it.

    Run a google search on “Rolando Quilala” and you’ll see what I mean. Man, this guy has gone a long way…

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