An American Idol forecast

You may not know this but I have followed American Idol since last season. I even “cheat” by checking the website before the end of the telecast. Our cable’s coverage is just Off Satellite and not Live. Hence, it’s just delayed by about 30 minutes or so.

I make this blog forecast completely from my own opinion. People and friends may disagree but just hear me out.

At this point in time, the top 4 will be the two rockers, the country singer and the Vonz. While the “the Body” and Fedorov may step up, I don’t know if they have enough fans against these four powerhouses to sustain their stay any longer.

Of the top 4, the Vonz may fall on the wayside first because I think her fanbase is no match for the three. I could be wrong but she is my personal favorite because she projects well on TV. Unless she can pull another Jasmine Trias by having her home state voting for her.

For the semi-finals, Carrie may fall unless she can improve and/or successfully cross-over to pop simply because of her country style. Pardon me, I just don’t dig country and western and I think neither does most of the voting fans. If she can make the transition, however, she may go all the way. I think, however, she will be the hottest star in the country & western genre.

Then, it’s a toss-up between the two rockers. I’m leaning more on Constantine only because he the better performer than Bo. And his fanbase is bigger than Bo’s.

This is just my analysis and you may or may not agree with me. I’m just curious now to see if I will be correct. But Simon, even when going against the other judges, seems to be correct ALL THE TIME so I have learned to trust his judgement.



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6 responses to “An American Idol forecast

  1. Unfortunately, “the Body” failed to step up today, so I think he may be saying goodbye tomorrow.

  2. Whew! Constanine’s out!

    That threw my prediction way off! Now I have to revise it to Bo… but it may still be wrong…

  3. hahaha… i didn’t know you’re also into AI.


    i have the same bets too.

    but from the way things are going, i can only say one thing, “america’s voting pattern is weird.”

  4. punzi. AI’s voters totally sucked this week. like when they voted off anwar and nadia. imagine placing scott in the top three this week? what the hell is going on? i hope our vonzell survives! more power to your blog. hope you don’t mind, i linked your site. thanks.

  5. Rachelle: I do follow AI, TAR too, like you, since the first season. I’m a TV junkie. In college, I’m 4 hours minimum (because of the Clark FEN-TV) and all night during Saturdays (over a medium peperoni double cheese and a family soda, malakas ako lumamon…) Sa law school lang ako hindi nanood ng TV. Pero nung nag-papractice na, tuloy ang ligaya.

    Jove: Ok lang to link my site. I linked yours too.

    Anyway, there are a lot of theories why Constantine lost. One was the home videos. Constatine’s came across weird. Some say his father looked like Lurch (from the Adams Family?). Scott’s came across all-American.

    The most “matunog” theory is this site called “Vote for the worst” website. Check it out at


  6. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    Bo Bice will win. He really rocks!!!

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