Lighter Side…My choirs

I’ve been noticing my blogs have become more serious every entry I make. I think I need a change of pace…

I think it’s time tell you something more about one of my other pursuits…my choirs.

During a previous blog, I have stated that my choirs have kept me same, centered, balanced and basically alive.

Let’s get things straight, I do not sing in these choirs. I can’t even score high in videoke. As you may already know, I’m an instrumentalist. I play the keyboards and (you guessed it) the flute.

I started playing in a choir quite by accident during law school. People there had little musical talent (I stand corrected, there were a lot of musically talented persons in law school. It’s just that law school sort of erases all these talents away…) or just had little time to volunteer for church services. I was just one of those who “had” the time to volunteer.

And so I played with three other guys for four years. This was the start of the institutionalized law school choir today. (By institutionalized, I mean established as an institution and not the members confined to an mental institution, heheheh!). And along the way, my musical abilities improved.

Pressures of work and married life forced me to lay off playing for any choir for about seven years.

Out of sheer guts, I volunteered for church choir in my neighborhood. That was a good decision. It kept me from homicidal (or parricidal to be legally precise) thoughts. As I have previously blogged, I ditched them for three choirs, two of them based in the place we now live.

The third is the choir that was formed through the net. You see, we are (shameful for me to admit) fans of the Bukas Palad Music Ministry that maintains a message board on its website. Shameful for me to admit in particular because I have high school and college friends who are members there. My musical ability grew during law school. They did not know this they probably still don’t. I have not met them again for years.

You may not be familiar with the group we admire. But you may be familiar with their songs. Their main composer (but not too much now, I hear) is Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J., the guy that brought us church classics like “Hindi Kita Malilimutan,” “Tanging Yaman” and “Sa ‘yo Lamang.” See? You know them!

By frequenting their messageboard, I met a lot of online friends, who share the same interest in the same music but serve in different choirs. Then, as an eyeball event, we decided to form what is now known as the BP Online Community Choir (or simply BPOCC).

As individuals in our respective choirs, we were veterans. As as group, our friendship surely bonded us to become good, if I do say so myself. BPOCC already served three times in televised masses. It currently sings monthly in EDSA Shrine aside from other venues by request. We have, as the cliche goes, gone a long way from being online friends.

And BPOCC has now come of age. Bukas Palad is organizing a choir convention on 02 June 2005 to gather various church choirs from all over. BPOCC will be featured to sing a few songs. The ultimate recognition for the ultimate Bukas Palad fans!

I am the flautist of this choir. Sad to say, I may not be able to play for reasons I have stated in previous blogs. Playing or not, I will be there to support them. Because they are my friends.

I will keep you posted when BPOCC sings in that future event.


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