Remembering a Great Filipino

I just heard from the radio going home from work that Raymundo Punongbayan, the former PHIVOCS chief now with the Red Cross, boarded a helicopter this morning to survey relocation sites in Dingalan, Aurora Province but failed to return home. The last I heard, it crashed and there are no survivors at the moment. None are expected. The details can be found here.

Dir. Punongbayan figured prominently for his untiring service during the Pinatubo years. Until the last, he was serving the public.

Let us remember this great Filipino who gave his life in the service of his nation. May we reciprocate his service even for a little bit. May his soul rest in peace.



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2 responses to “Remembering a Great Filipino

  1. It’s a sad thing he has to go this way. But Director Punongbayan will always be remembered for his exemplary service to the nation, and the Filipino people is all-too-proud of him.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    Mr. Punongbayan is a hero. When I saw the news at TFC, I cried. He is an example for all of us of what a true government servant is all about… plain, simple and honest. He reminded me of my father and brother.

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