What can I say?

They are bundles of joy and heavy burdens, givers and takers of tensions, sources of glee and fret, all at the same time.

Some prepare for parenthood. Others have it “thrust” upon them (because of their fondness for “thrusting” heheheheh!).

All I can say is this: there is never any “right” or “wrong” about parenting. We just have to do the best we can. Especially for my children, since I am the only one they have now. Oh, and they don’t come with an owner’s manual but some say Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care comes close. You can only know what it feels like if you are one. No, having nephews and nieces, even if they live with you, is not the same.

But if you’re prepared for them enough, you’ll never trade being a parent for anything else…Let’s put it this way: I would have regretted having married if it wasn’t for my children.



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4 responses to “Children

  1. thanks for visiting my blog. and complimenting my writing. i get all giddy when somebody compliments me. ah, well, self absorbed, you know. 😉

    your children are very cute. especially the little boy. they are very lucky to have a doting dad like you. 🙂

    i have never wanted children. perhaps (and i hope) that feeling will change when i grow older.

    let me put it this way: i would regret having children if it weren’t for the love of my life. (but i do hope there will never be children before marriage!)

    in a way, though, the situation is the same. for someone you love, you would do anything and regret nothing.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    Anyone who are able to have kids are most fortunate … there are couples who want to have kids but can’t have any. Eventhough your marriage did not turn out good… it means that there are lessons to be learned ( your 2 cents ).Pat your self in the back that you have loved honestly. Besides it also mean it frees you up to help people in your capacity as a lawyer. I know this would give you an incredible feeling you have made a difference.

  3. That’s a good point. Thanks.

  4. emy tan came up with books on parenting published by bookmark. unluckily, bookmark stores have closed down already. you may wish to check other bookstores for available copies. galing ng books ni emy tan which was largely based on experience. you ought to get one. big help for solo parents!

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