Sorry guys for not blogging recently…

Last week was murderous. Had a lot of work to do compounded by the May tuition rush. There was so much work that my small mom-and-pop operation (excuse me: pop only to be technical, more on that later) could not handle the load. Had to outsource them to my two affiliated law firms.

Of course that means more revenue which is always good. But the workload approaches the level I was in before my hiatus. You know, before all the things I have blogged about came to pass.

That’s the beauty of a free-lancer. You get to chose how much or how little you can work. For the past two years, I’d say I was at 80% tops (80% of what? My workload when I was chief legal of the National Food Authority, I bet you did not know that…). Now, I’m approaching 100…but this may increase in the coming days. The sad part is I’ll definitely blog less…

Hence, I have not given much thought to my planned spin-off/change in blog name so I decided to give it a pass for a while . With the workload, how can I even think of maintaining two blogs?

As I blog, I also only a few minutes (notice the time of this post) before we have to travel to Laguna for my cousin’s wedding. My daughter’s a flower girl…will post pictures….of course.

As you have noticed, I have succumed to a photo-hosting service. I was planning to keep us as anonymous as possible. But I can’t help it. Too damn proud of my kids.

Anyway, that wedding is also the reason why I could not attend the iBlog summit today. So fellow bloggers, good luck on that summit. To those abroad, wish you were here to attend.

Oh, and finally, my court order came today. I officially have sole custody of my kids but not yet officially a single dad because I haven’t got the time (and the extra resources) to get my annulment. The bad news: she visits the kids on Sunday afternoon, on Mother’s Day even. So ironic.

So you can still expect a blog after that happens.


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  1. Click on my Flickr Daily Zeitgeist to see Bea’s photos during the wedding…

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