Pacquiao’s “Pakyaw”

During the lunch break, I mentioned to Punk Sinatra that Manny Pacquiao’s “epic” batte with Erik Morales was already released in DVD and VCD formats.

C’mon! Who’ll buy this? You’re better off selling these things to the Mexicans than to Filipinos. Admit it. You know while Filipinos love the underdog (which Manny was not), they hate losers (deep deep down…). Especially this one who was not even humble and blamed everyone else for his defeat in the talk show rounds. Well, those people blamed were not the one who lost in the ring.

Manny, just be humble enough to acknowledge you underestimated the guy and/or he was really better than you and vow to better yourself next time. Eating humble pie is definitely better than that arrogant stance. You’ll sell this video better and get more product endorsements that way. Oh, by the way, Filipinos also hate arrogant people, too.

And no matter how many times you replay this video, Manny still looses everytime.



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4 responses to “Pacquiao’s “Pakyaw”

  1. Your quite right on this Punzi. It’s sort of SAD BUT TRUE Thing. maybe, there are masochist amongst us.

  2. Welcome back, Major Tom!

    It appears your stalker/troll is still there… I think JP is not falling for it anymore, thank God!


  3. the dvd is selling well – all five people in the philippines who bet on morales all bought copies.

  4. Yeah punzi…the stalker is but ever infuriating but I just have to suffer thru it. I am taking my time a little slowly now and a bit leisurely. I am somehow stressed up by the “stalker”. By the way, your site is getting even better, I am enjoying it very much.

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