The four day workweek experiment…

As a government consultant, I’m not really affected by this new four-day workweek experiment.

But since the terms of my engagement in this government office sometimes require me to be actually in that office, I have my share of complaints…

1. It’s counterproductive. Especially when the companion memorandum came out…the 8:00 am power up, 5:00 pm aircon shutdown rule. This makes these non-aircon hours almost (I take it back, completely) useless.

2. It’s based on false economy (aka., false savings). The government does not really save on this because utilities make up a small fraction of its expenditures. The bulk of government expenses goes to salaries and wages that remained unchanged.

3. Causes sleep deprivation or biological clock disruptions. Face it, we’re creatures of habit and we frown upon any change. Of course, people will get used to this in time, if we stick to it long enough.

Of course, there are advantages:

1. Long weekends. (To some, reason enough…gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp!)

2. Theoretical savings for employees since they spend on laundry, transporation, etc. on four days instead of five. (Of course, the gulp gulp gulp gulp glug glug glug brought about by the long weekend may counteract these savings, even overpower it.)

3. Theoretical traffic alleviation since the rush hour gets split into four periods (the 6:00 am, the 8:00 am., the 5:00 pm and the 6:30 pm) instead of just the 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

How about my fellow government bloggers out there, what do you say?



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5 responses to “The four day workweek experiment…

  1. I agree. As a government employee myself, I find the four day work week practically useless for the same reasons you cited, and even more. In fact, even before, we already have in effect a “four day work week” without realizing it. No one hardly does anything important on a Friday. Now, no one does anything important on a Thursday. Three day work week in essence perhaps?

    It’s not only the airconditioning. In our office, internet access is also killed by 6 PM. If your work is internet related, might as well stop what you’re doing.

    Physically its also a drain. You go home late, then you wake up early. Most of my colleagues (including myself) make up for this by catching cat naps (or would you prefer “power-naps?”) at different times of the day.

    This is supposed to save the government money?

    Thankfully, only a week or so left in this darn setup.


  2. I used to work full time as chief legal of a very large GOCC (director, may CES pa ako). Hated it, so I’m back to consulting with a solo practice. And I vowed never again enter government service as a third level executive…

    I didn’t take “power naps” then because the only time I did, because of a severe headache, a “white paper” came out stating that I was a lazy pig as I sleep on the job most of the time…

    Oh well!

  3. yeah. I wish I get out of this racket and find another job. While I’m wishing, wish I can pass the bar the next time I take it. 🙂

  4. Good thing you mentioned that, pare.

    I’ve blogged about how to pass the bar. Back-read to about the start of May. Very detailed. Good luck!

  5. Thanks pre, but due to circumstances beyond my control, including, but not limited to my employment conditions, logistics, and finances, I may have to skip this year’s exams. I’m planning to enrol for the advance prebar classes this October though. Yeah, I know, but we can’t always do what we want when we want to…

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