The Pedestrian Traffic Enforcer

In my twenty-three years of driving (I learned how to drive when I was twelve), I have witnessed more than a lot of pedestrians crossing the street then raising their hands commanding you to stop like a cop. It’s as if they have telekinetic powers or they have MMDA deputization to stop traffic just for them.

Ah, this is but one of the facets of the truly Filipino phenomenon called the “death-defying” pedestrian.

The evil side of me wants to see, for once, a pedestrian struck by a vehicle stuck in this position rigor mortis. Somebody slap me…that’s too cruel. And it’s not as if I never did this when I crossed the street…



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5 responses to “The Pedestrian Traffic Enforcer

  1. Anonymous

    Funny. I, for one, think it’s actually more polite for people to do that gesture than to just run crazy and cheat death (hehe). I do that most of the time then utter “thank you” in such a manner that the driver can realize what I just said. But of course, making the stop sign and just walk without noticing if the driver is indeed going to let you go through is plain stupidity.

    Power to the goody-goody pedestrians! šŸ˜› ~Gian

  2. like i told you, it’s star wars season. nagpapaka-jedi lang yang mga ‘yan.

  3. hmm, guilty as charged! hehehe.

  4. I agree with tiborce. It’s just a jedi mind trick. or perhaps telekinesis…:-)

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    It’s a barbaric world out there. Pedestrian should be given the pedestrian walk and traffic light. Where none exist, everybody run for their life or the driver is commanded with a glaring look to stop or the driver can run over this fellow. How low can we get?

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