Mr. Boy Bawang

A client of mine introduced me to the owner/proprietor of “Boy Bawang” cornicks a few days ago.

As I’m a fan of conrnicks myself, I particularly liked this product. Costing a measly one peso per pack, you’ll never eat just one…But some people will scold you for eating too much salty food…And there has been some talk about the cleanliness of his manufacturing/repacking processes.

And Mr. Boy Bawang was likewise as humble as his product. He did not strike me as overbearing or arrogant. He even drives the same type of car as I do…and I know he makes my weight in gold in a matter of days.

This client of mine asked me if I wanted to have him as my client. Of course I did not want to appear too overeager. But secretly, I may even work for the guy for a continuous supply of his product…

If that deal materializes, all of us in the house will be so happy…



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6 responses to “Mr. Boy Bawang

  1. i will not object, sir, about Boy Bawang. it always sells out in our office. ok ang lasa, but not good for the health. thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I hope you don’t mind that I linked you up. I read all the blogs of my visitors…linking also makes all your blogs easier to access.

  3. good morning :)my family loves boy bawang cornik. very addictive *hehehe* everytime we go home, we bring back 5kg of cornik 🙂 would it be alright if i link you up pls? ingatz

  4. No problem. Drop by anytime baka lang super busy ako next week or even out of town pa. Daming trabaho, not that I’m complaining.

    I always say: “Buti nang maraming trabaho kaysa WALANG trabaho…”

  5. Anonymous

    puede bang ma-introduce sa owner ng boy bawang? salamat.

  6. Mabuhay po from Seattle|USA

    I just found Boy Bawang in the snack asile and Google brought me to you. Hope you don’t mind if I link!

    you don’t have to read

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