Blogging for Apples

Bing’s blog on Some Bloggers has something to say. If you have not read it by now, READ IT. I believe this will be the buzz around the Philippine Blogging scene for days to come. Someone has to say it and it took Bing to say it. For that alone, I salute you.

Reactions to this blog range in the extremes.

JJ Disini chose to treat it as “practical advise on how to handle yourself as a blogger.” A sober and safe comment. If I was in his situation, I’d comment the same way, if I would comment at all.

Jove, on the other hand, wanted to capture that blog’s essence even in his blog’s title Superiority Complex. I think he succeeded.

As for me, I have a pretty good idea on who Bing referred to in her blog. Personally, though I never met this blogger in person (did not go to the summit due to a previous commitment and do you think I will even reveal the gender, eh?), I cannot pass judgment on the blogger. That person may be a good one once you get to know the same (still no gender hints…).

But I can certainly say something about the blog. I personally have nothing against the blog or the blogger but I find the writing style too much like a newspaper column already. The writing already assumes that this blog or its blogger already has the power to shape or form public opinion when of course, its influence only stretches our blogging community. In short, I find the blog a wee bit too arrogant for my taste. In two words: Not impressed.

(Of course my opinion, supposedly, does not count to the blogger and the blog’s devotees because they’re “too high up there” to read my blog anyway. And if they do, what are they gonna do? Sue me? I eat, drink, sleep and breathe lawsuits… Troll? Then you’ll really know they don’t deserve attention since you’ll see they’re all insincere…)

That brings me to anyone’s motivation to blog. I personally blog for expression and a chance to practice my writing. I did not (and still do not) blog for popularity, for “google points” or for “hits.” I’m even thinking of removing all my tracking tools lest I be accused of being a hypocrite.

To blog for popularity, you don’t even have to write well or write intellectually edifying stuff. Just ask Benedict XVI and view his blog. Res ipsa loquitur. But I like this particular blog, mind you and I read it everyday.

Likewise as Jove said, in the blogosphere, there are no leaders or followers. “This new frontier called blogosphere does not have room for leaders, just the assurance that the sense of individualism among us is protected and nurtured. we are not followers… we, in fact, came here to be ourselves. to be followers of our own choices.”

Bravo! Well said, Jove!

My two cents on the matter. More power to you and Bing! The freedom of expression makes the blogosphere, and the internet for that matter, a truly great place to be in. And to stay.



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19 responses to “Blogging for Apples

  1. hi punzi.

    the best paragraph in your article is the one with these words:

    ang galing! sakto.

    naku kelangan na natin lahat mag ingat…malamang may “revenge”, may mang gugulo, may gagawa ng intriga using names.

    sana wag tayo lahat magpa apekto. ginawa na ang taktika na yan. dapat matuto na tayo pls.

  2. Ok lang. What are “they” going to do?

    If they do something like what’s being done to Major Tom I guess “they’re” trully guilty and we’ve succeeded in bringing the issue out to the light.

    And as one former presidential candidate advocated in his campaign, sunlight therapy (bringing issues out into the light) cures most ills.

    regards and keep on blogging…

  3. Hi Punzi,

    I was probably too busy wallowing with what to blog in my site…How can I miss this?… Where was I all along?..Not too late to comment about this anyway… Already said this once to a fellow blogger — from my MA in Clinical Psychology, I’ve learned that there are people who are “Emotional Vampires”, there are Histrionic Vampires who live for attention and approval. Looking good is their specialty. Vampires can’t see their reflections in a mirror. Histrionics can’t even see the mirror. I pass by the popular blog of some influential person in the blogospehere, but I don’t frequent myself there. There is too much “prima dona” in the style, arrogance in the intellectual arguments, and very seldom humility rather mockery in other bloggers’ arguments. But the person’s very friendly though, if you join the bandwagon.

  4. Oo nga, Maria Solivia, saan ka ba nag-sususuot at sobra ka atang busy?

  5. HEHEHE…titingnan ko blog nya, sisilipin ko baka nag-defend sya sa sarili nya tulad ng ginawa nyang “warning” dun…asar talo! Takot pa ako nung una mag-defend kay Major Tom kasi baka mag-retaliate sakin, buti ang dami palang nag-share nang sentiments against that blogger no

  6. Ang lakas pa nga ng loob ko pinost ko pa tong entry ko sa Pinoyblog. Tinignan ko naman yung TOS nila bago ko ginawa yon. Wala namang sinabing bawal yung entry ko e.

  7. ok yan…di lang sya ang may-ari nun di ba? yung isa low profile lang naman…by the way, di ko mabuksan ang Pinoyblog, what’s wrong? Masyadong ma-intriga ang blogosphere, buti sa blog ko tahimik lang…hehehe. Buti may respeto pa sila sa mga guro (sana nga!) kung hindi matagal na akong tinira, noon pang pinagtatanggol ko si Major Tom at panay comment ko pati sa blog ni JP. Asan na nga pala sila?

  8. When I have problems with Pinoyblog, I just switch browsers. That usually does the trick. Unless they’re maintaining (or purging…heheheheh!) their servers.

  9. I’m relatively new in the pinoy blogosphere, but somehow I think I know who you people are referring to. 🙂

  10. PURGING…hehehe it made me laugh, kailangan ng kaluluwa nya yan..hehehe.

    Come to think of it, isn’t the person getting more popular when the person gets detractors? Say Chris Aquino for example, the hatred of a lot of people make her a lot more popular. (I couldn’t think of a better analogy, sorry) But this person we’re talking to in the blogosphere, we can probably still disempower the person…well, I believe and I hope. Maniwala ka o hindi sobra talaga ang galit ko sa kanya when I investigated and saw how it all started and blew up and how “pikon” the person really is pag may nag-disagree sa kanya na matalino ang dating, then harrassing Major Tom with all the name callings and causing a rift with his friend JP. I may be wrong but that’s what I saw, I was there when it all happened… I couldn’t imagine the scope of this person’s influence in the blogosphere that could make two good bloggers almost close down shops, two good friends hate each other, and command all the other bloggers believe all the craps being told!

  11. Oy! Maria Solivia! May galit na sa yo. Check mo yung mga comments sa blog ni Jove. You’ve arrived, my friend!

    Whoever said that person has power in the first place? Sorry to say this but, the real power, especially in this country, is still outside cyberspace. Whatever they are doing is not an exercise of power. They just think they do.

    What ticked me off in that comment in Jove’s blog is the way they again portrayed themselves as “those who were first” and the rest as “newbies.” And before the newbies came along, things were quiet.

    Eh kung palumaan lang sa computer ang pag-uusapan, hindi naman yata nila alam ang mga salita tulad ng DOS, GOPHER, at ARPANET. Kailangan pa nilang hanapin yon sa Google.

    At ang nagisnan na nilang computer naka-Windows XP na. Hindi pa sila nakakakita ng MS-DOS o PC-DOS, at ano ang kaibahan nitong dalawa.

    Hindi pa ata nila naranasan mag-type sa Wordstar 3.1, Wordstar 4 o Wordperfect 5.1 kasi ang alam nila Word na. Baka nga Word XP pa. Hindi nila alam na may Lotus 123 kasi puro Excel lang ang nahawakan nila. Hindi nila alam kung anong ginagamit bago nagkaroon ng Powerpoint (hanapin na lang nila kung ano nga at hindi ko sasabihin).

    Hindi pa ata sila nakahawak ng tunay na “floppy” disk at hindi nila alam ayusin ang mga computer nila pag masira ito, hardware man o software.

    Hindi pa ata nila alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng BASIC, ML, Assembly, o COBOL man lamang. Akala siguro nila ang POKE at PEEK ay mga salitang bastos, at yung GOTO makakain yon.

    Hindi nila alam na dati puro BBS lang dito noon tulad ng Nightstalker. Hindi yata nila alam na walang hard disk dati. Puro IE 6 lang at Firefox ang alam nila.

    Para sa mga ito: Marami kayong hindi alam at hindi ninyo pwedeng sabihin na kayo ang nauna. Naunahan lang nila ang ibang matuto ng HTML o WordPress, akala mo mga veterans na sila sa computer at sa internet.

    At kung palumaan lang ang pamantayan, lahat sila taob sa mga tunay na nauna.

    Tigil na ako…Ang puso ko…

  12. PUNZI, am I supposed to be flattered that this person that we’re talking about, who claims to be the pioneer in the Philippine blogosphere and the most influential, finally noticed me? Dead ma ako, di ko pa rin sya ili-link, tawagin man nya akong “SBSS” at kung anu-ano pa, kahit pa tawagin nya akong psycho, schizo katulad ng ginawa nya kay Major Tom. Siraan man nya ako sa mga kamag-anak ko at mga kaibigan ko sa blogosphere, DEAD MA ako! I’ve been dealing with people like THAT PERSON for years now, and everyday I’m faced with low level bad behavior in my classroom. DEAD MA ako sa mga ganyan.

  13. Well said Punzi! Not impressed? Same here. Blogging purists would consider writing that’s too newspaper-ey unacceptable. And even professional bloggers like me (or at least 50% of me) would shy away from such, because the very come-on of blogging is the personal online presence and the interactivity. Readers would definitely be turned off at the first sight of what I would consider a bland form of blogging.

    Now interactivity would have better sense if it worked both ways: having readers both agree and disagree on one’s opinions (and for this to be all right). In some blogs I read, interactivity is nipped in the bud because of some form of censorship.

    Now what or who would be impressive for me? Someone who wields influence both on- and off-line, but still remains humble and down-to-earth (i.e. does not let it get into his/her head). There are a lot of people I know (bloggers included) who are like this. And I salute them!


  14. Thank you, Angelo. You may be referring to Atty. JJ Disini, my old boss. Hindi totoo yon! Malaki ang ulo non!

    (Joke lang sir…) Mabait talaga yon. Tigan mo nga dito pa kami nagkikita sa cyberspace non after all these years…Tsaka bilib ako magtrabaho yan sobrang tiyaga. Top ten pa sa bar (seven ata), if you don’t know that and/or he did not mention it anywhere.

    And also, I saw that he turned of his “Comments must be approved before they are published” option in his blog, thanks to you pa ata, Angelo. If all people did that, Bing would have succeeded.

    I was supposed to blog about my “Top Ten things I want to say to Popular Bloggers and/or their followers.” I already have the draft waiting for publication but I’m still deciding whether to publish it or not.

    Likewise, I had to comment again because I wanted to take this entry out of “13 objection(s), your Honor…,” but I digress.

    Power to the bloggers (like the PEP coalition!) Blog pa tayo!

    regards to all

  15. I should’ve readied myself for this emotionally, aatakihin ako sa puso! arrrggghhh!! It’s happened to me NOW! Grabe ang dating! Visit my blog…

  16. Someone kwento na lang sa akin ang nangyari by PM. I made a vow not to visit “their blogs” so there will be no mistaken identity.

    Nag-trabaho lang ako sandali…

  17. Anonymous

    Hey Atty Punzi and guys,

    This must be passionate. Well, I am only an outsider hiding under anonymous. I don’t have the luxury of time to create blog sites like you guys. Anyway, just to let you know for the blogs I’ve visited I personally feel the kind of person writing their blogs and for me purity of intentions come into play. People who has superiority complex are in fact insecure. For me, reading teacher sol and atty. punzi are like my old barkadas way back when and way back when I was still living in our country. Blogs are barkadahan. Cheers guys!

  18. Anonymous

    Hey atty. punzi,

    This is quite an emotional issue for those who are affected. Anyway, I wish na hindi naman kayo maging victim of these evil people. I attended a cyber-security seminar. Boy, it’s really amazing what they can do to you. Remember, the movie “The Net”. Well, kinda of extreme but if you live in the US or Canada, identity theft is really on the rise. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Protect yourself.

  19. Thanks for the concern.

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