Raise your hand to the level of your eye…

I was not intending to write about this but Em2em’s Blog on it made me do it.

I said to myself some ten odd years ago that I have to watch this broadway musical (by Andrew Lloyd Weber, et. al.) sometime before I die.

Call me a hopeless romantic (with emphasis on the hopeless), but I’m such a fan (like I’m such a fan of the Highlander, but I already met Adrian Paul in person, more on that in another blog…). I bought my tape of the musical excepts way back in 1991. When I finally can afford to buy the double-disc version of the original London cast recording, it became a “hard to find” item. I somehow located it in an obscure section of a popular record store. I also bought the songbook (the original score), which I ocassionally play for fun.

Then, this life-long wish came true when they made this musical into a movie. The first song, “Think of Me,” melted me at once. “Music of the Night” (no, not “All I Ask of You”), finished me off.

Who cares if I will not see Sarah Brightman (as Christine Daae) and Michael Crawford (as the Opera Ghost) perform their epic pieces. No one will again, anyway, unless they plan a reunion performance. I still have that CD to remember them by.

Anyway, the actors in the movie did it justice, particulary Emmy Rossum (drool…). It’s so much different when you just hear the music and watching the musical in film.

So now, if I could just find a way to see the Vatican, the Louve, Venice, Egypt, the Holy Land and the Smithsonian, my life would be complete. Perhaps Teacher Sol can help me with that last place…but that would asking too much…

Oh, well. Perhaps someday…



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3 responses to “Raise your hand to the level of your eye…

  1. Grabe, pareho kami ng asawa ko memorize namin ang full soundtrack ng Phantom, napanood namin ang movie pero di pa sa Broadway, walang chance. The song “All I Ask Of You” kinanta sa akin ng husband ko onstage nung wedding day namin…hopeless romantic din ang husband ko.

    I am 15 minutes away from The Smithsonian Museums, I walk there everyday and go there on weekends to relax. That’s not asking too much, Punzi, let me know kung kelan. Tapos punta tayong Broadway para manood ng Phantom, ok ba? O ayan, may EB plans na tayo ha…give me an email kung kelan.

  2. Naku Maria Solivia (nakakaaliw kang tawagin ng ganyan) matagal-tagal pa yon. Una, visa. Pangalawa, pamasahe at pocket money. Pangatlo, mga anak ko.

    Maybe someday talaga…

  3. Favorite ko rin ang Phantom Of The Opera. Gasgas na gasgas na nga ang cd ko eh. And I had the luck to watch the actual Broadway performance. Di na nga lang si Brightman and Crawford ang bida.

    Paborito ko ang “Music Of the Night”. Nakakapangilabot.

    Hey, would you mind if I link you up?

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