Greenhills: A Gadget Freak’s Paradise

This place never ceases to amaze me.

When I was small (to be precise, very young) this was the only place where you can really go to. You see, I used to attend school near there (not La Salle Greenhills, mind you…) and that was the nearest comparison to a mall at that time.

When all these gigantic malls have been put up, this place still has a niche. Now, it’s the celphone, “DIBIDI,” PS2, PC software and gadget heaven. Being a gadget freak myself, I am naturally drawn to this place.

I recently bought a wireless gun controller for my PS2 but the input jack is the standard “yellow” RCA plug. I have been used to plugging my console through the “S-video” jack, through a specialty AV cable since the picture quality improvement is significant. Hence, I had to switch back to the “ordinary” cables everytime I play Time Crisis 3, Crisis Zone or Vampire Night. Reaching down the back of the console that is “well-entrenched” in its place is likewise a hassle.

Surfing the net, I discovered the existence of a specialty cable that has S-video output but also has a guncon port near the plug to the console. It looks something like this:

Made the rounds of almost all SM, Ever Gotesco and Robinsons malls, the specialty store salespersons did not even know what this looks like. I thought I’d have to buy the thing from the net, something I have not even tried for security reasons.

As a last resort, I went to Greenhills. I had no idea where to look because I heard Virra Mall was renovating. Fortunately, there were poster saying Shopsville hosted all the PS2/PC stores that used to be there. So I went in to look and guess what? I found it in the second store I entered. HOOOORRAAAAY! And it works (spoken in the accent of the girl in La Salle Scandal)!

I now have S-video quality picture for my guncon games, without straining to change cables every time I play them.

And the image quality for these games likewise shows a remarkable difference.

And of course, some of you cannot relate to this. Some more are thinking: Why is this mid-thirties lawyer still playing video games? I’m not alone, mind you. Ron Allan and I are two peas in a pod…

To them, I just plead to bear with me. At least I don’t smoke, excessively drink or womanize…

By the way, I almost bought a new celfone, too…good for me I was able to resist….



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2 responses to “Greenhills: A Gadget Freak’s Paradise

  1. I only learned to smoke when I was 27 years old…quite pathetic actually…it was because I was close to this pretty fetching girl who was a chain smoker. πŸ™‚

    I only smoke during gimmicks na lang. Of course, I don’t drink excessively, or womanize either. πŸ™‚ Hahahaha…

    Yeah, Greenhills can be a gadget freak’s haven. I remember having found a USB to joystick port adapter there for a friend whose PC didn’t have a joystick port. Never even knew those adapters existed before. πŸ™‚

  2. I have a pending “canned” blog (I did it yesterday) on smoking. Inspired by Samuel Bilibit. I’ll publish it in a few days…


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