Do the math…

There is a serious question that bugs my mind…

How can a President, who probably earns less than a junior executive in a bank, in an economy that is suffering last year and still continues to suffer, given also a world economy under the same hole actually EARN money during these times? She must probably be a financial genius!
I just hope our President transplants her secrets to this personal financial success into the Philippine economy. That’s what we are paying her to do.


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7 responses to “Do the math…

  1. your question is daunting. it requires knowledge on exponential functions. i’m only good at simple arithmetic. sorry, can’t help you.

  2. Easy answer…she CAN’T. Use your imagination. 🙂

  3. Yes, it is mind bogling and very difficlt question.

  4. I’m am a teacher but not of Mathematics. This is PUZZLING indeed, methinks it’s math magic…if there’s such thing:D

  5. here’s something that will twist your arithmetic knowledge more: if the first couple’s assets grew 110% since 1992, how come when she became president in 2001 and in the years that came after, their SAL “too perfectly” showed a steady and consistent 5 million pesos average increase yearly.

    was talking to a good auditor for political personalities on our way to tagaytay yesterday— she said this mathematical problem IS QUITE possible to solve… therefore very possible to do if you are THE politico. hmmmm

    do the math… the numbers are in my blog. plugging ba punzi hehehehe.

    (cmon, sals are public documents, you won’t see any anomalies there because no politico is stupid to file a haphazardly done SAL…. the answer to the mystery is always behind those papers)
    (and yeah– i find it really boring to report about SALS in our newscasts… coz i know that what’s submitted ay clean na. kaya lang ang PHILSTAR at ang PDI mahilig gawin ang story eh, kaya no choice ang Tv hehehehe)

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    Magic and entertainment is the answer. Hopefully, those less forture people can understand what is going on. When they do, I hope that there will be more people protecting the good side even without a visible leader. I hope I am still alive to see our nation united based on the right and just principles … without subjectivity and purely to do WHAT IS RIGHT AND JUST. am I dreaming????????

  7. Jove,

    I know how that the SAL is clean because I know how they operate (back read to a blow where I said my partial work background). The question is really more rhetorical than anything else. I just think she should like share her secret to financial success to all of us since the country desperately needs it.


    I share your dream. I hope I’m also alive to see that.


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