Starbucks: The Board/Bar reviewee’s new study place

For people reviewing to pass any governmental licensure exams, finding a good place to study is also key.

Personally, I have found my house, with all the creature-comforts (and distractions such as my bed…), to be the perfect place to study then. Even during law school, I would study at home and only leave when I’m have finished the day’s assigned readings. You see, I worked/studied (and continue to work) alone.

During bar review, La Vida Lawyer went to the review school’s library (a mere ten minute’s walk away), while I stayed in the condo until review classes start.

For some people, however, study equals group study. Some students need the reassuring presence of peers to encourage them to press on. Some students need friends to do all the “nitty-gritty” detail work so they can just build on what these tedious ones have accomplished so far.

I have been noticing that Starbucks has been a popular review place, particularly the branches in Rockwell, Quezon Avenue, Katipunan and Tomas Morato. I also heard the new Commonwealth branch has been host to a lot of reviewees, not just for the bar but also for nursing licensure exams.

Believe me, I can spot a law student (or a bar reviewee) from miles away. They carry hard bound books with their names engraved on the cover. They usually have book holders in their tables as they sip their latte, capuccino, or whatever italian beverage they ordered. (I personally prefer german beverages, but I digress). Also, they are usually heavy smokers. Caffeine and nicotine are powerful companions of the reviewee.

It’s therefore the accessibility to caffeine, the comfy furniture (if you can get to them first), the possibility of studying in groups, and access to nicotine fixes that makes Starbucks the place to review. The lighting, however, is bad.

Since it has also been “in” to study law nowadays, law school/bar reviewee girls are becoming better looking. Sometimes, my friend (another lawyer whose name sounds like a famous actor) and I just go to Starbucks Katipunan just to admire “the view.”

With that, I secretly wish to conduct a “review” class in Starbucks on how to pass the bar, using some of the tips I have blogged before. So I can impress, these nubile ones…Oh just please bear with me, I’m as dry as Death Valley right now!


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  1. If you do get around to scheduling one, I’m making my reservation for a seat now. Aside from your tips which no doubt would be very useful, you’re not the only one who’s “dry.” 🙂 hahahaha

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