Kids’ Update

Seeing the blog of The Prada Mama and how lovely her little angels are, I decided to update you on how my kids are doing. Never mind me, I’m busy as the proverbial bee with work. But somehow, I still find the time to post entries everyday. And I even have some “canned” posts ready for publication, just in case I run out of things to say someday…

My kids are doing fine. Bea, my eldest, only has a week to go before her summer vacation ends. She will be Grade I this June. From what I hear, elementary school today is murder. In my day, there was no “child stress syndrome” and the stuff they teach kids at this age today is so advanced for my taste. I always joked that at the rate the kids are going now, they would not want to attend college anymore.

I also have to furnish her school a copy of my custody order so that she will not be disturbed by that girl in school. Anyway, I can always rely on my sister to guard her there. It’s so reassuring to have a court order, don’t you think? But then again, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance…

She also figured in her first Santacruzan. It’s probably not the last. I have the pictures in my Flickr photo sharing account if you’re interested. Just click the Zeitgeist below.

Nico is also doing fine and I always see some sort of development (motor, physical and even personality) in him everyday. He never ceases to amaze me everyday with his new “antics.” Plus, he’s getting to be more affectionate and hence, more amiable and likeable (lovable).

Only problem is that her nanny is leaving permanently this June and her two other “ates” have “volunteered” to step up to the task (so they can share the nanny’s wages, of course) so I would not have to find a replacement. I basically don’t agree with this new set up but I’m willing to take this as far as it could go. I don’t have the capacity now to increase their pay any other way. Of course, I made it clear that Nico and Bea’s well being are the paramount concern so I will find a replacement immediately if problems occur. On the other hand, though, Bea’s extended hours in school means she’ll need lesser attention from them, anyway. Scholastic attention, I can share with my mom (a retired public school teacher with a career of 40 plus years). No problem in that front.

Well, I basically covered all fronts coming into the school season. Of course, I sometimes think my children could use a mother (but not their mother, mind you) at this point in time. But with a mother like that girl, it’s better they don’t have one. Oh well…

And no, I’m not shopping around for any “mother” candidates now or anytime soon…I’m contented with our present situation so why complicate it?

But I know, we’ll manage in the end, even if I had to take care of them all myself and run a decent law practice at the same time.

In a way, though, I also feel bad for Nico. He does not realize it yet, but the one that mainly takes care of his day-to-day mundane needs is leaving in a few days. But then again, there are people who will stay with him no matter what. Us.

Finally, the so-called “second”visit of that girl is coming up in about two weeks. Judging from the so-called “first” visit, this second visit will have the same results. A no-show.

But just in case she does visit, I was thinking of setting-up my webcam into some sort of surveillance/time lapse system to monitor the visit. Can anyone help me in this regard?




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14 responses to “Kids’ Update

  1. PUNZI, how can you manage to be responsible at being a single parent and to be brilliant in your practice at the same time. Bilib pa rin ako sayo dahil mas challenging yan sayo kesa sakin (sa work lang naman challenges ko for now).

    We all have our own challenges in life, and we got to be tough. We all have to be tough to do all the big things (like taking risks) and small things (like putting up with fools) in life. But we must temper toughness with kindness, realizing that many times it will be tough to be kind. Be kind anyway.

  2. Pahabol, I will share to you my guiding principle in life: TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO. Malay mo, prinsesa ang mapasaiyo balang araw. Hugs and kisses to your two adorable angels.

  3. @Teach:Of course I have a lot of help. And somehow, we manage.

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve heard that motto before. I just don’t know where.

    GTG. I have an early morning hearing in Makati. You know naman how traffic here gets. Later!

  4. Hi Punzi!

    It was very nice of you to mention me in this post. My kids are my inspiration and I do try to post as many pictures of them as I can. (I guess you could say they they are my personal time stamps! Let’s see…on THIS day, Reanna looked like this…)

    Your kids are beautiful. How old is Bea? My son, Lance is also starting first grade in August. He is only five (he won’t be turning six until November), but here in California, he is considered six if his birthday is before December 7 (?) (not sure of the actual date, I just know it’s very early in December).

    Niko is also a cutie. How old is he? Perhaps you could ease his transition somewhat by going on a trip somewhere the day his yaya leaves? It doesn’t have to be an overnight trip, maybe even just a day trip with you and the kids. Anything to distract him from a long, tearful goodbye. I used to dread it when one of my yayas would leave, and would be absolutely heartbroken for days. But the WORST part is the actual goodbye: me and my sisters would cry and refuse to let go of our yaya, who would usually be crying herself. Pretty soon, even my parents would be reduced her to tears!

    Believe me, it would be wise to avoid this scenario at all costs. 😉

  5. Oops, sorry for misspelling Nico! Me bad.

  6. Yikes! I saw so many other typos! That’s what I get for typing with my left hand while holding a squirming baby who is trying to grab control of the keyboard with my right.

    Sorry for messing up your comments. I’m so OC when it comes to these things! 😀

  7. PUNZI, yep it was a bestseller, title of the book “TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO” authored by Robert H. Schuller. I read this accidentally when I was in 1st year college while browsing through my grandma’s belonging’s. It has been my motto since then. While I was going through Barnes & Nobles (bookstore) here in the states, I saw the latest edition and bought it. It’s an excellent, upbeat book, one which inspires and motivates the reader to a more creative lifestyle.

  8. @Renee: Bea’s seven, Nico’s one and a half. No need to correct typos that’s the good part of blogs. The spontaneity (did I spell this correctly?) of it all.

    I sensed that money was the problem of our household help and just offered to increase it returning from work today. Hopefully, the nanny will not leave after all. But I have to talk to them all tomorrow. And perhaps bargain with their increases since I cannot give it all at once.

    If she does leave, I have no option on taking them out on trips because it’s the middle of the week. They don’t have a mother for that, remember?

    Haaaaay! That’s the problem with a single parent. You have to play both roles at the same time. Guess I’ll just have to double-time and sacrifice on some other things so I can increase their wages.

    @Teach: I’ve heard of this book and I think my dad has it. Let me look for it here…

    Thanks for reading.

  9. BTW Renee, Bea’s first name is Breanna. Technically, I can also call her Reanna.

    Once, I also tried to type with one hand with Nico in the other. You’re still fortunate that you only got typos for it…

  10. Isn’t that a coincidence? Usually, the names “Breanna” and “Reanna” are spelled with an “I” instead of an “E”. I chose to spell Reanna with an “E” so that it wouldn’t be too far from my name, Renee.

    And don’t worry, Punzi, my husband and I are proof positive that successful second marriages do exist. Like us, I believe you will meet the children’s future mother when you least expect it. The Lord will send her to you in His perfect time. 😉

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    I am pretty sure the statistics of finding a pretty lady like Alicia Silverstone is high. Judging how pinays back home are very fashion conscious, you won’t have a hard time finding them. The hard part is the heart and soul… the one who is really compatible with you. So… don’t let them wait… so go out and hunt. I am sure they are waiting for you. At least now, with the experience you have, you are better equipped with what you really like. One of the best parameter is … would your kids be also compatible with the future lady. I have a second cousin(Grace) she is pretty but healthy ( malaman ). She is very good with kids and is a dentist, from UP. By writing this, I am sure she’ll pull my hair.oophs…

  12. Dear Anonymous (I think I know who you are…but I will not tell here since you clearly want to remain anonynous),

    I married a pretty lady and a looker when we were together in public. (People say she looks like Jessa Zaragoza). I woudn’t have the kids I have if it wasn’t for her, I’ll concede that.

    Hence, if I’m looking (with the emphasis on IF) I’m not going with looks anymore.

    Also, I made a promise to my kids that I will not seek my happiness ahead of theirs. So you’re right, whoever I choose to be with next time (again IF I choose) has to pass through my kids first.

    But for now, the wellfare of my kids is my top priority. Never mind me for now.

    But thanks for the concern…your anonymity may prevent your loss of hair…heheheheh!

  13. Anonymous

    Hey Atty.Punzi,

    The love of a parent to their children for me mimicks God’s love to us …. so unconditional. As a parent like yourself, being a parent is very hard but the most awesome feeling there is!!! Yeah, being anonymous means invisible… ever read Da Vinci’s Code. It’s a very good book by Dan Brown. Unlike you bloggers, I am more of a reader and a listener… besides, someone has to read what you guys write and enjoy them, right???

  14. Are there other forums/blogs that are more specific for this topic? I have not found one.

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