What are you “jueteng” for?

My, my, my! How the plot thickens

A word to the beleaguered family. Your counterclaims of “destabilization,” “sedition” and “undermining” are just as well-worn as your adversaries’ alleged tactics. I’m guessing tomorrow, you’ll let out the attack dogs to threaten everyone with prosecution. If that happens, I’m going to post a big “SEE, I WAS RIGHT!” tomorrow.

Now is simply the time to meet the issue head on. How you deal with it may define your days in power. Putting on the chiller with threats of suit may just work in the opposite and instead, fan the flames.

Good thing Miss Universe is on tomorrow. With the Filipino’s legendary short-term memory, this issue may be skirted. Those who can, please vote for our Miss Philippines, Gionna Cabrera, here.




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3 responses to “What are you “jueteng” for?

  1. gee, we are not only linked like chains (see ur blog sa taas)… we are also thinking of the same thing. sabay natin itaas ang “SEE I WAS RIGHT!!!” banners natin sa arlegui bukas. hahahaha…. lawyer ka naman, defend mo ko ha…hehehehe. sometimes, predictable na i cover ang admin na ito, pero exciting pa rin naman.

  2. Or maybe that was the point. To make all issues “look” boring so people bore from it?

    They better just not touch on the Filipino’s sense of outrage. That, Jove, they may not recover from.

    Sige rally tayo sa palasyo, ha?

  3. Haaay!!! Di ko napanood, buti pa ang mga blogs updated sa current events ah…

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