I was busy reading other people’s blogs. Then a thought dawned on me. Can I navigate back to by own blogsite using only the blogrolls/links of my blog-friends? Can I form a “blogloop”?

The answer would be an obvious yes, simply because most of the blogs I read and link have linked me back. But the rule is, you have to use the blogrolls (or links page). If the blog has none, then it’s a dead end.

But I had to verify this theory. Also, how long would the chain be?

Initially, I counted 14 blogs long. Of course, it could be longer if I give this more attention.

Here’s my initial “blogloop”:

Jeff Vergara
Ron Allan
The J Spot
Prada Mama
Major Tom
Bing (Warmstone)
Teacher Sol
Alan Joesel

Ironically, I had to pull out the old reliable “pencil and paper” for this one.

I think the more accurate term for this is a “blogchain” because it comprises of “links” (get it?).

How about you? How long a “blogloop” can you form? I’m sure it’s longer than this. Or are you thinking, “I have better things to do…”



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12 responses to “Blogloop

  1. cute idea! kaya lang parang nakakalito :p

  2. interesting! i wonder kung maka-ilan ako, hehe! baka magstop kagad yung chain, hahaha! 😛

    btw, been hearing a lot about u too. kakatuwa naman at u’ve been following my blogs lately. 🙂

    I’ll link u up, k?! 🙂 wag ka na pumalag, haha! thanks! 😀

  3. It’s amazing how much I know all of you people, without really knowing any of you. 🙂

    Someone should study the dynamics of blog linking. Without any means of synchronizing our actions, we inevitably tend to settle into small blogger communities, sometimes without ourselves even realizing it.

    Maybe this can be a new communication paradigm – how ideas spread around the blogosphere.

  4. How did you start it, Punzi? Did you approach it from a scientific standpoint, or was your selection random? My head swims at the number of links I have on my page. I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

  5. Just pick any one Renee. If all those you pick link you back, I’m sure you can find your way back to your blog…

    I think there are multiple paths, multiple loops and more than one solution for every blog.

    Have fun!

  6. Like what the oracle said in the Matrix: “Everything that has a beginning has an end.”

    Neo also said: “Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.” 🙂

  7. Sam

    sa aking chain out of 18, 15 lang ang naka-link…pero pareng punz, maiba tayo…nadidistract talaga ako kay Alicia S., napansin ko kasi minsan nahuli ko siya na parang kinindatan nya ako…hahaha

  8. gagawin ko lang yan pag more than ten na ang naka-link sa akin… nakakahiya kasi mga 2 or 3 lang ata… hehehe!

  9. @Ron: A Matrix fan, too? Are you my lost twin? 🙂 Wala lang ako Matrix: Revisited. All orig-DVDs. Pati Animatrix pinatulan ko…

    Pero sabi ni Agent Smith: “Humans are like viruses…”

    @Flisha: Ok lang yon. You’re still living up to your “self-absorbed” monicker.

    @Sam: Sabi na nga ba magagawa ninyong mas-mahaba yung loop ninyo sa akin, eh. Oo nga, tsamba yang pag-pili ko ng pic na yan ni Alicia Silverstone. May nahanda na akong blog tungkol sa mga “ladies” ng sideblog ko. Sabihin mo lang kung ayaw mo patanggal siya diyan at tsugi na lang si Spongebob…heheheh!

  10. @barenaked: Have you been hearing good things or bad things about me? Baka bad, nakakahiya naman…

  11. If we’re twins, you’re definitely the smarter one. I’m the more handsome one. Hahahahahaha 🙂

    Seriously, The Matrix Trilogy are my all time favorite movies. It just struck a chord with me…like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad…. 🙂

  12. masubukan nga ito!…ikaw talaga punzi ang dami mong naiimbento ha 😀

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