Gadgetflash! No. 2

With some money left over after the May tuition rush and after buying additional school stuff for Bea, I was able to reward myself with the following:

1. Got a (Had a, I don’t know which is correct) massage…It’s been a long time since I got (had) one. I was still married during my last…though I’m still legally am, you know.

AAAhhhh! I forgot how that felt like, but there was something missing from the experience…(ooops, this blog should have none of those…)

2. Bought a cooling pad for my laptop. I know my laptop could take the heat, as it has served me well this past two months. I just thought it could use the extra help, given the weather we are having. The pad’s working well and the laptop is signigicantly cooler…

3. Bought some odd parts to make an internal DVD-R drive external. Prices of internal DVD-Rewriter drives have fallen sharply (I just bought mine for less than five grand from upwards from 8k). Then, I just found out that there is an IDE to USB cable (with a power brick for juice). I put them all together and it works. The laptop and the other two desktops automatically recognized the drive. The salesperson said it automatically does that in XP only. For other OS’s, the thing comes with a small driver cd. I’ll install it for the other laptop next time…since only Bea uses it now.

Also, that cable/power brick combo should work for all IDE devices such as hard disks, internal zip drives, etc. The possibilities are endless…But for back-up purposes, I think the DVD-R will suffice for my needs.

Now I’m installing the drivers (and the included Nero software) for all my computers in the house, except the other laptop that runs on Windows 98SE. After that, I’ll make some test reads, writes and burns. Then, I’ll probably grab some DVD authoring software and learn that, too.

I’m getting excited already. I’m blogging this just to pass the time between installations…



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11 responses to “Gadgetflash! No. 2

  1. hi punzi,

    you deserve it… a nice treat! ah..err… what was missing?? he he

  2. PUNZI, way to go! sabi ko na ayaw mo lang amini, techie addict ka rin (aside from vicks). Reward yourself, you deserve that afterall…time to reward myself too, now you’re giving me ideas!

  3. Sam

    atty, saan mo na score yung cooling pad for the laptop? i’m thinking of buying one too…para lumamig din tong laptop ko…galing ng combo mo ah, nagparelax muna tapos bumili ng pampa-(relax)lamig din ng laptop mo…

  4. @Bing & Sol: Salamat.

    @Sam: Sa isang kilalang mall sa may North Edsa (alam mo na kung ano yo ayaw ko lang i-plug sila dito hindi na nilang kailangan ng libreng ad). Sigurado akong merong similar mall niyan diyan sa inyong lugar (ang dami na nilang mall kasi). Merong tig-2K ang halaga pero yung binili ko P750 lang…ok na rin

  5. Oo nga pala, Teacher Sol, you may want to check a previous post to see what kind of a tech addict I am…

  6. AAAhhhh! I forgot how that felt like, but there was something missing from the experience…(ooops, this blog should have none of those…)

    *hahaha! ayos!*

  7. Adik ka nga….AADDIIKKK!!! ayaw mong aminin ka…sabi mo ako lang ang addict at nagsisimula ka pa lang…hahaha…

  8. @Barenaked: Bilib ako as ‘yo, that joke was the most hidden, most subdued, most “private” joke I ever put in my blog…Nakuha mo pa rin! Saludo ako, dalawang kamay pa!

  9. What DVD writer do you use? Any problems such as being choosy with media?

  10. Did two test burns. Actually, it was choosy. Did not want to play in other DVD drives. But since I can transport the entire drive, that’s not much of a problem. Especially for my uses, which is backing up my precious documents.

    I bought the “Shuttle” DVD-Rewriter. Ok naman.

  11. I see. I use a Toshiba SD-R5372. Pretty ok, except does it doesn’t seem to like generic DVD-R media, can’t even seem to detect them in the drive. Have no problems using branded media though, or any type of DVD+R. Now I have about ten or so generic DVD-Rs from CD-R King which are pretty much useless.

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