A Lucrative Profession

My father guided me towards the career path I am in now.

But sometimes, I think I made a mistake in my choice. Aside from a potential career in computers, he should have discussed with me the possibility of taking up a career in the military.

They have a lot of benefits. Aside from having the right to carry firearms, which to some people is already a benefit unto itself, the military has a lot of rest and recreational facilities.

We’re talking the works! Golf courses galore. I’ve heard now, they even have a beach resort in Boracay.

And the retirement benefits, wow!

There’s only one hitch. You have to start out as an officer so you can get to become a general and enjoy these benefits. If you start out as enlisted, you just die trying to be in a position to enjoy them.



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2 responses to “A Lucrative Profession

  1. Re your last sentence: Sad but true. 😦

  2. To be a military would be an enjoyable profession if you’re single siguro. I have friends and relatives who are in the military and they are always away from home. Most often they are in remote areas- lonely, alone, and life in danger.

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