My Oogle Criteria

You may have noticed a “Currently Oogling Over…” post in by the sideblogs that changes pictures intermittently.

These are “dream” girls of mine, nothing more, nothing less. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t have any intentions of seeking an active lovelife at this point in time.

Hey! It’s not bad to marvel, admire and “oogle” at girls. I’m not an animal. I don’t salivate when I see them.

Just give me this one thing, okay?

To keep this blog “safe” from possible misinterpretation of people that I know or know me in real life (I think you know what I mean, Teacher Sol…), these are my criteria for choosing my “Oogle Girl.”

1. She must be someone I don’t know (preferably foreign but not a hard-and-fast rule).
2. She must be someone I may never get to meet or know personally.
3. She must be beautiful…to me (just judge me for my taste in women).

I will never post women there whom I know personally. I reserve them for my main blog, if indeed they would “occur.” As all of you have been saying to me, “You’ll never know…” And I am not about to say anything about the possibility a future lovelife (or lack thereof) since the last time I made a categorical statement, I suffered from FMD (you know, “foot-in-mouth” disease, or more accurately, “foot-in-my-mouth” disease?)

Sadly, since I don’t know or will never these people personally, this will not be an “oogle post” dedicated to their inner beauty. Sadly therefore, their “beauty” to me is just on the physical level. Just give me a break, OKAY?



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11 responses to “My Oogle Criteria

  1. Do you accept nominees? 🙂

  2. For what, the sideblogs or the main blog?

    Kung sa sideblogs, ok lang.

  3. Sideblog lang, of course. 🙂 The “real thing” is for you tell us all about in your main blog. 🙂

  4. Good evening mr. punzi. I think it is just normal for a person like you who shun serious relationship at this point in time to “oogle” at celebrities like alicia syiverstone. you know i like her too.

  5. Hey M’am Luch! I’ve been following your blogs, albeit silently…Thanks for the reassurance…

  6. Hahaha…Punzi ha sabi ko na nga ba na you’re just “projecting” noong pinagalitan mo ako na crush ko si BO ng American Idol…hahaha

  7. punzi, punzi, i think you have all your rights now to oogle he he

    but who knows, punzi, that you will meet (and marry) an Alicia Silverstone look-alike one day? good luck!

  8. ika nga nila, tao lang po, hehehe!

    ok tong entry na ito…ibang side mo naman yung nakikita. 🙂

  9. ooops, btw, how about pinay celebs? just curious, hehe!

    sino type mo? 😉 chismosa ko noh? hehehe! 😛

  10. @Teacher Sol: Oogle lang naman e. Tsaka sabi nga ni Bing, may karapatan naman ako. Ikaw may kasama ka, harap-harapan pa…joke.

    @Bing: Salamat sa supporta.

    @Barenaked: Actually may na-post na akong Pinay dito (si Nina). Gusto ko (kung Pinay) yung magaling rin kumanta…

  11. I come here by hazard, but I was hooked! your writting is amazing. I will return to see if you can maintain the good job :-))
    Jeff – natural remedy

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