Creativity Day

Quite a few books suggest to set apart one day from a week to spend on “creativity.” It’s some sort of a chance for one to “recharge” for the week’s drudgery ahead.

I believe this to be true. At least for me.

Once a week, every Saturday to be specific, I let my creative juices flow. I don’t think about work or whatever I do (or did) for the week. I usually play (the keyboard and flute at home and at the mass) to get me recharged.

I extremely recommend this. Go ahead. Find something creative to do. Write poetry. Blog. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Play the guitar or whatever musical instrument you fancy. Sing. Whatever creative talent you have. Spend a little time on yourself. You’ll face the week ahead with more zest and become a better person for it in any case.

This is different from “passive” activities like playing video games, watching movies or TV. The point is to “create,” get “creative” and not imbibe some other person’s creativity.

This is also different from “family time.” You have Sundays for that. Again, this is time for yourself…



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9 responses to “Creativity Day

  1. Of course, you mean creative crafts and arts, right? Baka maisip ng iba pro-creation.

  2. I always thought someone will go that path…O sige, hindi kasama yung mga “pro”creative don ha…

  3. this habit is healthy. let your right side of your brain do the workout at least once a week and at the same time enjoying it.

    and oh, i feel “inspired” already with your latest oogle (jessica alba). hehehe.

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  5. well said! need i say more?! πŸ˜€

  6. I guess I can relate. Nowadays I only have my blog as creative outlet. Music is a good outlet as well. I play guitar and bass, and I used to front for a band. Wanna jam? πŸ™‚

  7. Oo ba, one of these days. I play keyboards and flute. Kulang na lang drummer (pero kaya na nag synth yon) at singer…

  8. I have a drum set stored here. Don’t play it though. Vocals? Wag lang rnb kaya ko. hahahaha πŸ™‚

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    I love music pero tumatanda na ko kay love ko yung jazz and classical. I dream of playing the piano again. Buti ka pa magaling mag-flute kasi you can just play anywhere. I am teaching my kids to play the basics on the keyboard kasi wala pa akong budget… looking for digital piano. Alam mo I went to TD Bank yesterday, since they are sponsoring the Jazz Festival, they have two musicians one playing the piano and bass guitar in the bank foyer … so cool!!!!

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