My early law career…

With a legal career nearing ten years now, I think this is the proper time to take stock of what I have been through, what I have become and how I have grown…

I started out in the mainstream practice of law. I mean, I was a Makati-based lawyer with a fantastic corner office with a view of Makati Cinema Square and Creekside. I likewise behaved like a Makati-lawyer. Snazzy outfits, high-caliber clients, “power lunches” and opportunities to mix business and pleasure (aka, “junkets”). With a fixed salary came profit-sharing. The salary was not bad, but since I was single at that time and my family did not oblige me to remit anything to them (they instilled on me to “pay it forward” and not “pay it back”), I even mamaged to save money since my only vice then was eating. And that vice, my clients took care of.

Then with the dividends came the “capital expense impulse buying.”

When in a previous post, I admonished new lawyers from doing certain things, I had authority to do so, simply because I’ve been there and done that. Bought myself a fancy attache case, exuded the certain “snootiness” of a Makati-based lawyer that came from a premiere law school, etc. I was likewise handling complicated clients with their complicated legal requirements and needs. This spurred upon me a chance to get creative in my legal dealings.

More, importantly, I also learned “the ropes” there. And I will be forever grateful to this lawfirm for that.

But with married and family life, I found myself bound. No longer could I do what I used to do for the sake of my profession. No longer could I keep the same long hours has I used to. No longer could I go “out of town” because my family responsibilities keeps me from such. No longer could I stay away from the house for extended periods of time. My bosses knew it too and hence, they passed me over for a promotion.

That was the last straw. Hence, I voluntarily withdrew from the fast-paced Makati life and took an in-house counsel job in Caloocan City with business dealings in Bulacan.

I never yearned for a Makati-based life ever since.

But alas, the life of an in-house counsel was also not for me. Sure, I had a decent salary and a service vehicle. I was, however, bored. Actually, my life there was a roller-coaster between a frenetic pace of non-legal activity and the absolute absence of anything to do. Also, I did not like being tied down to an office. I don’t like having the same kind of day, over and over, for the rest of my life. Even now, I don’t like to have two identical days in a row.

This, coupled with an a*$ho!e boss who thinks he more of a lawyer than I was (he was not). I just let my contract with him expire. That was the year 2000, the start of a new millenium.

I’m sorry I’m beginning to get a splitting headache from looking at an LCD screen for extended hours. I’ll be back to blog about my solo-practice career later…


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