My take on “Gloriagate”

Before I started to blog about this, I downloaded the 4 audio clips to hear them for myself. (Reminds me of one of Morpheus’ more famous quotes: “One cannot be told what [Gloriagate] is. You must [hear] it for yourself.”)

And so I did and I have only a few short comments:

1. If nobody told me which one is original and which one is the fake one, I would have said it was the other way around. To my humble, musical, but untrained ear, the so-called “originals” sound as the one “doctored” or “spliced” given the inconsistent ambient noises therein (sorry to sound lawyerly). The “original” sounds more “cut and paste” than the “fake” one. But hey! I’m no expert at this…because annotations in both versions sound spliced. And I don’t remember Atty. Paguia having that heavy “military” accent (“Kunbersisyon bitwin PEEGEEIIIMMMEEE ind Gury un MEE 2004”). He is far more eloquent than that. And with way better diction…

2. The “Gary” in one clip is not the same “Gary” in the other. The “original” Gary is consistent with the one shown on TV. A young man in the middle echeleons of power. The “fake” Gary sounds more mature (like a person of [higher] authority[?], where she “mistakenly” called him “Garci,” baka si Gwen yon?) and has a heavy accent.

3. Whatever clip is true, I just can’t believe how much “hands-on” PGMA was during the elections. She was even accounting for votes in the 40,000 level.

For the record, I promptly deleted all clips. Lest I be prosecuted for violation of the Anti-Wiretapping Law by somebody…

(PS. But if you’re looking for them anyway, visit this post.)



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10 responses to “My take on “Gloriagate”

  1. Sam

    hi atty. for me, it doesnt really matter whether the tape is doctored or not, the thing speaks for itself. I posted my two cents worth on the same issue in my blog.

  2. hi punzi… same as my comment sa blog ni sam: AMEN! not because wala na ako masabi, pero lumalabas na sa tenga ko lahat ng info. info overload na hahahaha. saka baka wala na ako masabi sa LIVE, eh may bago pa naman nanunuod dun sa akin hehehehe.

  3. @Sam: I know the thing speaks for itself. But I feel this time somebody has to say something kasi nakakascandalo na. Not only the content of the clip. But the level people are operating on these days. Have we sunk this low?

    @Jove: Sino kaya yung bago mong manunood? Heheheheh! Honestly, naiinis na ako sa style ng news gathering at delivery nang dalawa. Sobra na sa comment. Sana mag-blog na lang sila kung gusto nilang mag-comment, parang si tinapa. Spin dito, spin don. Palibhasa parehong may agenda.

  4. as i figure it out like anyone else does, the common “tao” prefers pirated everything. Unbranded or fake materials can be very decieving. Kung ako man eh, dun nako sa mura 🙂

  5. panyero

    saan puwedeng i download yong gloriagate


  6. @Techguy: When I tried to link to the audio clips, they took it out already, citing “legal” reasons. I deleted mine already, for reasons I have already stated in the entry.

  7. Sayang, na-delete na, interesado pa naman ako. Masyadong controversial eto that I thought I should know what’s really going on. Pero same old, same old…akala nila maloloko nila ang mga Pilipino ha?

  8. The PCIJ blog still has the clips available (with transcripts).

    With the new developments happening as we speak, thoughts of “exit plan…exit plan…exit plan” is coming to my mind…

    But this post has become obsolete with these new developments, as details now surface to complete the picture…

    Let’s just pray for a better Philippines tomorrow…

  9. attorney, i need your advise.

    today i placed my HELLO/GOODBYE blog item on “edit” mode, meaning it is still there but not for display.

    you know i am not someone who gets cowed easily by threats and i am quite matapang as a reporter.

    i am not so much bothered by the doj’s renewed threat (done today) that it will go after those who transcribed and got hold of the cds, in fact, some mpc members have been asking me to pull the plug on my blog item on gloriagate since tuesday morning…pero di ako affected.

    until the legal peeps in the palace and my station (lahat kaibigan ko) told me, na okay lang sana … pero iba ang risk na binibigay ng blog, a relatively new medium of expression. di daw nila kamada ang blogosphere. kung hanggang saan pwede ito i-push. at least daw sa station, kapag nag dedeliver ako news, protected ako in so many ways.

    sa blog, di nila ako mabigyan ng assurance.

    so they gave me a stern advise, lalu na ng company lawyers to “hide” the piece muna.

    i still believe in blogging.

    i still believe that my original post should come out again.

    but until i hear from you… it is in “edit mode”.

  10. Anonymous

    I actually downloaded every audiotape available and burned it for keepsake (this is history). There was one in which has 33 portions (this is a 3 hr audio), a total of 1.6 gigs. If you can’t find a copy anywhere I would welcome your request to have a copy portion by portion. e-mail me

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