Saying what has to be said (Subtitle: Rants and Raves)

All this time, I was trying so desperately hard not to talk about politics in the light of current events. Instead, I skirted around the issues, making “technical” comments on the tapes and giving lectures on laws involved.

No longer! I have to say what has to be said…

Why did these tapes, even if unverified, have such an effect on today’s events?

Simple, we Filipinos all behave like lawyers, or at least been groomed as such. Or like pro-wrestling and/or basketball referees. We are basically governed by the following principles:

1. “If there is no proof, it does not exist.”
2. “If I did not see/hear/smell/touch/taste it, it does not exist.”
3. “No harm/blood, no foul.”

However, our proof/sensory/blood threshold is very low. Sure, we all know that jueteng money “trickles” (to say the least) to our public officials and there was cheating in the May 2004 elections. But since, again, there was no proof, we went about our merry lives.

Then “proof” popped out from nowhere. Never mind if it came from less than credible people with hidden agendas. Never mind if the quality of evidence cannot stand in court. Never mind if it is heresay or chizms. The slightest confirmation of what we already know is good enough for us to get all riled up on.

If that is the case, why is the present government still here?

This is a combination of several factors:

1. As my good friend has blogged incessantly, the administration reads and practices Sun Tzu’s The Ancient Art of War.

2. The opposition has not read it or does not practice it. It seems that they were completely caught off-guard in this one and they have not organized and planned their course of action. Hence, I could make the reasonable assumption that they did not trigger these events. Or did they, but they just could not capitalize on them?

But the longer this situation takes to be resolved, the better organized and planned the opposition will be.

3. The armed services have not intervened…yet.

First Honors award goes to…IT’S A TIE!

1. PPPEEEEEGGGEEEEIIIIIIMMMEEEEEE- for still being there (if this was another country, she and her family would have met the same fate as Benito Mussolini and his family during their final days…)

2. Ms. Susan Roces- for knowing her limitations and not allowing herself to be used. Just goes to show her breeding and true love for our country. And for that, she has gained my respect and admiration.

The “Needs Improvement” Award goes to…IT’S ANOTHER TIE!

1. The opposition- they better get their acts together if they want to be in power again. And even more improvement if they want to keep it…

2. Sammy Ong- he better make his agenda clear now because his issue is dying down…

3. The Administration- they better stop thinking about their own welfare and really do their jobs.

The Kalabasa Award goes to…AGAIN? ANOTHER TIE?

1. Secretary Bunye- for his bungled “pre-emptive” strike that now has estopped his own president.

2. The Filipino people- you truly deserve the government you elected. (I did not vote last May 2004. I was working…)

3. Me- I should have gone into the field of computers instead. Then, I would not be stuck in this country blogging about my discontent!



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3 responses to “Saying what has to be said (Subtitle: Rants and Raves)

  1. There are speculations that the Americans are behind this “series of assaults.” He he he kaya palpak. Georgie baby can’t do a thing right.

  2. Somtimes I wish our country just commits an act of war against the US so that they can “take over” our country. No need for visas! Yehey!

  3. HAHAHA…comedy talaga ang politics natin ‘no? sobrang natawa ako sa entry na ito!

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