Executive Order No. 366, s. 2004

As if the Administration is not need in dire need of allies these days, there are some talk that the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Executive Order No. 366, series of 2004 (“EO 366”) are about to be approved and hence, implemented.

For those who don’t know, EO 366 sets into motion the rationalization of functions of agencies in the executive branch. Simply put, each agency, under this plan must formulate a rationalization plan, essentially trimming out duplications/redundancies and focus on core functions.

The Department of Budget and Management shall oversee the implementation of each agency’s program.

Under this plan, each agency must also show its staffing shift. While the the DBM denies that this program is about eliminating jobs to cut the budget deficit, its end result is the same. In practice, the DBM wants to see that duplicate/redundant functions and functions not consistent with an agency’s core functions trimmed out. Whatever words the DBM uses, the result will be the same. Some government employees have to fearful of their security of tenure because jobs will be cut. First to go are the casual/temporary/contractual employees who cannot be renewed anymore…

Employees affected by this program have the option of retiring under the package EO 366 offers, or attempt to stay in government service (in which case the Civil Service Commission shall attempt to place them somewhere else for 2 months). Those who take this risk and then object to their new assignment shall not be entitled to the additional retirement incentives in EO 366.

While I do not question the need for this in the government overburdened by too much excess baggage, someone must have dropped the ball in this one, because the timing is sooooo bad. This already counteracts the “educational” assistance given to government employees last week.

Driving home today, government employees have already taken to Eliptical Road protesting this program.

Instead of gaining allies, this move will gain the Administration more enemies, something it cannot afford to have more of during these trying times.

It’s as if another one is trying to pull another Bunye. And again, it will backfire with catastrophic results. The Administration once pulled of a miraculous but brilliant strategy in beating a mightily popular candidate, only to throw that away with one catastrophic mistake after another.

Oh well…


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