Traffic from those looking for Gloriagate…

Welcome to those who “stumbled” into my humble blog!

You may be here because you just wanted to get informed about “Gloriagate.”

To save you the trouble:

1. If you are looking for the “Hello, Garci” ringtone, you can download it from PCIJ’s Blog, or directly here.

2. If you are looking for the “Gloriagate” transcripts, you can get it again, here. Again, this is from the brave chaps of the PCIJ and it’s in .pdf format.

3. If you are looking for the “Gloriagate” audio clips in mp3 format, you can visit PCIJ’s blogpost here. The mainstream media outfits such as ABS-CBN and INQ7 have likewise jumped on the bandwagon and offered the clips for download at their respective sites. INQ7 also has the Bunye-bungling CD tracks that caused all this trouble in the first place. You’ll know why when you hear them.

But otherwise, feel free to read around my humble blog. You may find it… interesting. And do drop by again if you have the chance (or the bandwidth, or enough patience…)

My blog-lectures here are targetted at the periphery and not directly at the issues involved–to inform you of the laws involved in this situation so you can judge for yourselves the events as they happen.

May the truth set us free. And may God (or whoever Supreme Being you believe in) have mercy on us all.

(PS. The Unlawyer has graciously provided a better quality, 160 kbps version of the MP3 “Hello Garci” ringtone. Or you can click here. For celfones that cannot accept MP3 ringtones, the same site also has a .wav version here.)


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