Father’s Day Message

Upon Jove’s advise, I will postpone my blog-lecture on martial law tomorrow…
What I want to say about father’s day I got as a text message from my officemate way back in 2001 that caused a major marital fight then:

“Happy Father’s Day! May you have many more mothers to come…”

Now…I wish! Heheheheh! EVIL!!!!!!



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7 responses to “Father’s Day Message

  1. Grrr! @#$@!!!makes my blood boil…whew! breath in, breathe out!…

    Thre are indeed times in our life when forgiveness may seem impossible. Do we pay back evil by evil? Ma-karma na sila, basta malinis konsensya mo.

    It’s a day to celebrate as a father because you have your two sweet angles with you, winner ka na dyan!!!

  2. Grabe, ano? May gana pang mag-selos?

    Ano ba ang tawag don? Projection?

  3. hmmm, i smell “intrigue” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Happy Father’s Day pre! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. attorney, pwede bang kasuhan ng libel yan? hehehe..

    happy father’s day ser, and many more others (kids i mean) to come!

  6. gleng naman ng oogle girl mo ngayon, si debra ng will and grace. i like her too, lakas ng dating kahit na medyo kulang siya sa hinaharap by american standards (and they make fun of it too on the show). happy father’s day!

  7. happy father’s day kuya punzi! matagal pa ang father’s day sa australia. sa september pa… hope you and your kids enjoyed the celebration. ingatz always.

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