Heads or Tails: Prologue

An officemate of mine and a blogger way before I was suggested that we do some “tag team blogging.”

The concept is simple: We each blog about a topic that has two sides (an ideological, societal, religious, political, legal or whatever issue, perhaps) or maybe some non-sense just to break up the seriousness of my blog…

Then we will link to each other as two sides of the issue, much like two faces of a single coin, the yin and the yang, the ebony and the ivory or (insert your favorite two-sided metaphor here).

This we will do twice a week, or perhaps more if it becomes a hit. Since we see each other often (not everyday because I’m just a consultant there), we will decide on the topics “off-blog” and probably in vino.

The other side of this coin is here.


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One response to “Heads or Tails: Prologue

  1. What an interesting concept…much like “He said”…”He said”(?). I look forward to your first linked post.

    BTW, I mentioned you in my Father’s Day entry, which came a bit late because we had three sick kids in the house. Needless to say, Father’s Day was quiet around here. 😉

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