Happy Father’s Day, Cardinal Sin…

I knew Cardinal Sin was on his last legs when he failed to attend the Papal Conclave due to sickness.

But I don’t want to believe it. Until now.

Rest in peace, dear Jaime Cardinal Sin. You have shepherded the Filipino people well.

May God and John Paul II welcome you to Heaven with open arms…Please continue to watch over us from up there.

We need it. And we will miss you…

Photo from the Legion of Mary website.



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5 responses to “Happy Father’s Day, Cardinal Sin…

  1. Good morning Mr. Punzi!
    My entry today is about Cardinal Sin too. Wahhh! hindi po ako nangopya sa inyo…..

  2. May he rest in Peace! Salamat sa blog mo, it keeps me updated about what’s going on there back home.

  3. His death is a loss to us all. But he won’t be forgotten…

  4. hi punzi. it’s mayomee. 🙂

    the photo of cardinal sin that you posted is actually one of my favorites. the other one shows him in his white “costume,” and wearing this impish grin.

    did you know that the link where you got the cardinal’s picture is a Legion of Mary website? I’m a Legionary and sobrang natuwa ako when I traced the photo and found that it came from an LOM website.

  5. Hi Mayomee! Will I see you tomorrow for practice?

    Anyway thanks for reminding me. At the risk of hotsynching, I have to acknowledge pala the source…


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