Gadgetflash No. 3: Wireless Routers

Thanks to my friend, Mayo, I was able to pinpoint my home network problems.

The problem was my home WiFi network could not share my broadband connection with all my computers. I could only access the internet one computer at a time. My provider said that’s because my account was only for single computer, so I just lived with it.

She said that should not be the case and that my router should be able to distribute the connection. She said it might be a simple matter of configuring the wireless access point.

Turns out my access point was NOT a router (did not read it, got it in an ex deal anyway, so I could not complain). It gave me a wireless network alright but it did not network my broadband connection.

So I had to replace my wireless access point with a wireless router (the access point was already built in). After a few drops of sweat, VOILA! Even my PDA is enjoying the benefits.

That was an expensive lesson on the difference between a wireless access point and a wireless router, though…

Anyway, thanks Mayo!

Teacher Sol, I’ll deal with your quiz later. Choir practice awaits…



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11 responses to “Gadgetflash No. 3: Wireless Routers

  1. musta na atty

    me downside din ang wireless somebody can park infront of your house with a wireless laptop and access your wireless then access your home network…

  2. glad to know it’s working fine now! 🙂 sabi ko naman sa ‘yo, anything is possible…with God. 🙂

    heehee. 🙂

  3. @Techguy: Hey, I wouldn’t mind giving him the free internet access. He better not hack my files most of them are confi client files… I’ll probably implement SOME security measures when I get to it.

    @Mayo: Yeah, but my wallet is damaged…anyway with God’s help I’ll probably earn it back… Thanks again…

  4. I forgot pala, Techguy, my room has a good vantage point of the front of our house so I can spot somebody parking in front. Also, my vantage point is likewise well within 9mm/.38 special range…

    Let’s see a hacker hack his way out of a rain of hollow point slugs…

  5. punzi pano kung ako ang mag park sa tapat ng house mo and access using my laptop (yes the controversial, “brand new computer”-as claimed by rep. remulla hehehe)????

    mukha pa namang sinister ang sasakyang hinihiram ko sa dad ko, malaking van na itim na itm at heavily tinted (ask my dad, may tinatago yun eh hehehehehe)

  6. Jove, text ka muna sa akin. Ikaw, no problem. Pero, malulupit rin mga jaguar namin dito sa amin. Kahit nga asawa ko hindi makapasok dito 😀

    So kung may gagawa non, taga-amin… heheheheh!

  7. if you don’t have a firewall or the network is not WEP (wired equivalent privacy) enabled, then it doesn’t need anyone to “hack” through your files – the files will simply be viewable and downloadable without any “hacking.”

    you can WEP enable your network, and that will somewhat protect your wireless internet network and all your files from being used or viewed. WEP has flaws, but for the average person, it’s better than nothing.

    “My provider said that’s because my account was only for single computer, so I just lived with it.”

    funny how these customer service people are of no help at all sometimes. my sister-in-law had one printer each for every laptop and PC in their house, even though they had a wireless network going on. i asked her why, and she said that it was the easiest route they could think of because the customer service person told her that the only way to share a printer was to connect the printer in its own wireless printer router, which they knew nothing about — yes, this is a plausible answer, but you can also network the printer, enabling it to serve all the laptops and/or PCs in the network, as long as the host PC that the printer is connected to is kept “on”

  8. either the provider is lazy or they want to make more business by charging another connection to pc…

    ser, make sure your connection is secured (9mm firing range is not an option for a piece of internet) information is valuable. 🙂

  9. @Milkphish & Jeff: “Noted.”

  10. lam mo noong nasa Pxxx pa ako one my colleague’s closed van with air con used as listening post infront of a house and the owner of the house doesn’t care cause it is a utility car in disguise….hehehe..bagay lawyer ka naman i think magaling ka naman sa investigative work….happy weekend….hayaaan mo mo pagdating ko sa pinas e lalagyan ko ng LAN cables ang lahat ng kuwarto ng bahay mo ….libre….hehehe

  11. Thanks for the offer, Techguy. Appreciate it.

    Unfortunately, only one of my computers (the new laptop) as an ethernet port. The two desktops don’t have it built in. Kulang na rin sila ng pci slots to put in LAN cards. Tapos yung router ko 4 ports lang…

    I think wireless is the only option for my house. Tulungan nyo na lang ako mag-implement ng security measures. Takot kasi ako kalikutin yung settings baka mawala na naman yung network…

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